Friday, June 15, 2012

Yesterday's Face of the "Morning"

Wondering why the title is like that? All of us know about the terms "face of the day" and "face of the night" and what they mean. But for me, what I always have every Thursday morning (and Sunday morning) is what I must call FOTM, as in "face of the morning" - usually because I only wear it in the morning and take it off before my classes when I take a shower. Of course, it doesn't always stay as FOTM, because there are days that I take a bath as early as 4:30am and wear the makeup that I put on all day long, until my classes are over. =D

For today, I decided to use a few products plus mascara, inspired by the new tutorial that I am working on... I always want to keep it fresh and light every time I go to church in the morning. I sometimes don't even wear makeup to church! =D

 FOTM: light and fresh! =)
HOTD: High bun

Eye makeup: Just eye liner and mascara
Gosh... I missed wearing mascara! It's seldom that I put on mascara these days... I better use them frequently now!!! =D


Baviphat Peach All-in-One Waterfull Cream (Yes, waterful"L". Double L. =D)

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Dual Foundation Powder in Almond
Fashion21 Duo Blush On

Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
Wet n' Wild Waterproof Mega Plump Mascara in Black

Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry
Tears Sweet Vita Gloss in OR202

Looks like I am now mastering the art of no makeup look. On the other hand, I miss playing around with my eyeshadows... plus, I need a colorful palette to play with... I hope someone could sponsor me and send me some makeup for me! Calling for sponsors! Teehee!!! =D

Oh well! I hope to play around with my eye shadows one of these days... Anyway, I am making a series of tutorials for students for different occasions. ^___^

Any requests? Just leave me a comment below! ^__^

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