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♥♥♥ Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair 2012 ♥♥♥

Better late than never! I was busy with my work, SKP and reports recently, so, I wasn't able to post this immediately.


Yay for Pink! ^__^

Last Saturday April 21st and 22nd marked the first Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair! It was such a pink and sweet event! ^__^

Yay! My first event! ^__^

To tell you honestly, I didn't have tickets until my dear best friend from Elementary contacted me Thursday before the event. She said, she wants to go, but she's too busy to do so. She asked me if I'm interested to go there and when I saw her message on facebook, I immediately replied with a big "YES"! =D

Trying to take selcas... When we stepped in the store, a group of service crews who were taking their break stared at me... Hmmm... I wonder why... o__O

Ninja shot? XD

That Saturday was a long day for hubby and I, not to mention that we were celebrating our 74th monthsary on that day. Yes. We still count the number of months that we have been together. Imagine, as of now, I have been sharing 2,261 days of my life with him! ^__^

Hubby and I met my BFF at Jollibee Mayon at around 11am to get the tickets. Then, we headed straight to SM Megamall to pickup the prizes that I got from Sophie, in collaboration with Sugarcoated. Well, that's a different story! =D

After walking around the mall, we decided to go to SM North, for the pink event. I was all excited! In my mind, I was like, "Oh my gosh! Oh my Gosh! I'll finally attend an event as a blogger!". Haha! I'm so funny, I am like a little kid. =D

Selca mode...

When we got to the venue, there was already a long line of pretty ladies (and gents)! =D

As we walked towards the end of the line, I held my hubby's arms tight like a little girl. I didn't know but I felt nervous. I told hubby that I am excited and nervous at the same time. Then, I saw Ms. Wendy of Animetric's World. I didn't know what to do! =D

I also saw Andy of Shimmering Thoughts. We were supposed to meet but I was so wimpy that I chickened out. I was too shy to approach her and other bloggers... TT__TT

Two tickets! One for me and one for hubby! ^__^

Almost there! ^__^

Yay!!! ^__^

I was too shy that I even had to ask hubby if I should approach them or not. He told me to go and meet them, since it was also one of the reasons why I was persistent to attend this event. I felt my cheeks flushed. I felt like a little girl in a big world. Yeah, that's right! Shyness in me became evident. And I hated it. =(



Me and the Hubby... Pardon the eyebags~! hahaha! >__<

Cute Shinee! Now, I know why my students are hooked up with these adorable boys! =D

Hubby: Baby, why are you making me sit in the middle of girls in an event as pink as this?!?
Me: That's okay Jagi, there are boys here, too! =D

Jagi, take a picture of me! Pali pali~~~!!! =D

So, despite the shyness poking me, I decided to enjoy the event instead. Until I got a text message from an anonymous number asking me where I was and that she's already in line. While waiting for the reply, I went up to the MEG Magazine Booth. One of the pretty girls in the booth kept smiling at me and like I always do, I smiled back. A little later, she asked if my bangs were real. I told her "Yes, they're real" with smiling eyes. She  said that it's cute, it looked like the ones used as "extensions" (quoted). I felt like I blushed and thanked her as I "liked" MEG Magazine's FB page. By only liking the page, I got myself a copy of MEG October 2011 Issue, with Maja Salvador on the cover. ^__^

Plus, I got another compliment from the pretty girl "In fairness, you look like her (Maja Salvador)!" ^__^

Lovely Beauty Queen Ms. Abby Cruz hosting the event on Day 1

Ms. Andrea Amado, President of Etude House Philippines
She's like a goddess!!! ^__^

Mr. Boram Kim, Etude Global Specialist

Mr. Boram Kim talked about skin care, which is one of the things that I am very interested in. He said that we should stick to our own personal regimen, one that suits our needs. =)

If you are a fan of Asian skin care, you may have heard that Koreans do more than the usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. But it was quite surprising (and actually relieving) that Mr. Kim said that it is important to stick to your personalized routine. ^__^

Cleansing. An important step. You have to remove the oil that has accumulated in the skin.

Toning. It helps thoroughly cleanse the pores. Choosing toners depends on the skin type that you have. =)

Skin Malgeum! I die! I want!!! =D

Etude House offers a wide array of skin care stuff. You may choose from the different kinds of cleansers, toners and moisturizers. ^__^

I love their Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Peach. ^__^

I wanna try a lot of products like Baking Powder Pore & BB Deep Cleansing Foam, Peel So Good Foam Cleanser Diamond Peel and a whole lot more! Of course, I really wanna try Skin Malgeum! ^__^

Ms. L.A Ferriols of MEG Magazine. She's so stylish! ^__^

Ms. L.A Ferriols talked about the top five fashion trends report of 2012.

1. Pastels - Neons are out, Pastels are in! ^__~
2. Florals - Floral prints are now bigger in size. You can now also mix and match floral prints.
3. Animal Prints - Animals are (also) prints! ^__~
4. Peplums - Peplums give the illusion of a curvier body line.
5. Anoraks - Coat-like clothes perfect for layering.

Before Ms. Ferriols talked about the Animal Prints thingy, she saw me in my zebra print corset. I was flattered! And, see, Jagi? I really have to buy those peplum shorts I'm talking you into! Kekeke~~~! =D

I wasn't able to learn from the talks of Ms. Ning Hilario (MEG Magazine Beauty Editor) and Mr. Levenson Rodriguez (The Fashion Academy of Manila) because Hubby and I got hungry...

A bit upset at myself... but having fun! =D

Hubby and I took a late lunch at Rai Rai Ken. We dropped by Tous Les Jours and reminded him again of what kind of cake I want for my birthday (August! XD).

Carizza and I

After exchanging text messages to one another, I decided to meet up Carizza, a cute and adorable blogger I met in the FB Group Page a couple days before the event. I thought, I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity! Might as well meet one or two bloggers here! =D

I would like to thank Carizza for introducing me to Erika, I have been a follower of her blog, too. ^__^

Czarina and I

She was with Czarina, a bubbly and nice girl, who was surprised to learn that I am already 27 and I'm married! =D

Last photo: fail! XD

I was able to finally use my ticket! =D

I also saw my cousin in the event! It was awesome! I was so glad to have a small chit chat with her. It was like a dream! ^__^

I was able to attend only Day 1, but I was very happy to report that it made me extremely happy and giddy. I may have not met a lot of people there and I may have not played the games and all other stuff, but it was truly memorable for me. ^___^

The experience was all worth it!!! ^__^

I was very happy to be part of this event. I hope I could attend more in the future!!! ^__^

Congratulations, Etude House Philippines! It was indeed a success!!! ^__^

축하 해요! 정말 감사 해요! ^ ____ ^

Before I end this post, I would like to share with you my Hubby's new favorite song...

I hope you liked my post! ^__^

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Carizza Chua said...

what a cute blog entry. nice meeting you at the event :) i love the malgeum song too!

angelamhiere said...

Thanks a lot, Carizza! ^__^

Actually, malapit ko na mamemorize yung Skin Malgeum song as well as yung dance moves! XD

erikajjang said...

:D :> you are very pretty! :D thanks to carizza we got to say hi! :D

angelamhiere said...

Awww... Thanks! You're so sweet, Erika! ^__^

I hope we get to meet again soon! ^__^


Cuuute! Sayang we didn't get to meet though! The event was really awesome! And it's so sweet of your hubby to be with you in the whole event with all it's 'pinkness.' :P Cheers! :)

angelamhiere said...

Sayang nga, eh... I almost got you and your companion's attention when we almost bumped with each other sa may cornetto booth... kaso nahiya na naman ako... >__<

Super happy ko talaga, he accompanied me there! ^__^

L.A. said...

Aww just read this post and its kind of awesome that you took fashion notes! NICE! See you around! xx L.A.

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! It's very flattering to receive a comment from you, Ms. L.A! I am very honored! ^__^

I really wanna be fashion forward but I guess I need to buy a few more items... My closet needs to be revamped! =D

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