Friday, April 30, 2010

Less Posts This Previous Week....

A sad day for every one (especially former AM Shift People)...
I didn't post much this week because I was focusing on my classes and I am upset... I'm terribly upset because today's the last day of our beloved VP in our company... I got attached to her because she was very nice and stood up like an "언니" or "eonni" (big sister) to me.
Hmmm... Feeling blue (really, I am!!!)
I don't say we're that close - there's something between us that clicks when we talk and send messages to each other. I message her to let her know what I feel about things happening around us. She cheers me up during times that I feel I'm to busy to prepare activities and materials for my students. My Honey is the one close to her. He buys her puto (rice cake - yes, puto... A Korean who loves puto!) when she's upset and stressed. That's how things go in our company - we're like a big family (Not to mention the bad elements around... Hahaha!).
Hmmm... I'll miss you a lot... ='''(
Do I look upset?
I really feel bad about her decision but if its going to be good for her, then, so be it. All I can do is to mourn and get on with my own life and learn how to get along with the new manager. Anyway, I think (and hope) he's nice. =)
Bye, Eonni!!! ='''(
No good...
And so, life has to go on....
Quick FOTD for my sweeties... I have to stay pretty even if I'm sad!!! =D
(I decided to go natural with hints of gold and bronze today. I didn't put on mascara since mine flakes and is actually not waterproof. If I cry, I'll look horrible!!! x__x)
Hair of the day... Nice, huh? Check it in this link. Thanks Cinthia! ^___^
Take care, my sweeties... Have a great weekend... =)
P.S: I might not make posts this weekend... And, I might get my new dog "Aki" (a Shih Tzu) tomorrow. It makes my adrenaline rush... I'll show pictures of Woody and Aki as soon as I have Aki. ^__^

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