Thursday, April 22, 2010

Face and Outfit of the Day: Summer Look!

FOTD: Not Too Shimmery Semi-Matte... ^__^
I wanted to wear something very simple because my outfit is quite okay... besides, I am wearing some accessories so, it would be very noticeable if I put on too much of it (make-up is considered an accessory; I remember my cousin counting the things she wears because she has this that a person should wear a certain number of accessories... I don't remember the number, anyway...)
I realized that I can now fill my brows neatly. I used to need a ruler so I can come out with perfectly angled brows.
I was inspired by Fuzkittie's Poetic Blue eye color. However, I don't have blue shades, so, I only followed the shimmery pink shade on the inner corner and applied a dark green shade (similar to the olive green only darker) on the outer corner.
I didn't line my lower lash line with with eye liner since I want something simple. I only used liquid liner on my upper lash line so I can give definition to it. I think my eyes look too pale when I don't use any liner. Then, on the lower lash line, I swept a little white shadow then added sparkly black shadow on the outer corner. It looked so soft! I love it! ^__^
I finished off with peach blush, pink lipstick and lipgloss then mascara. I am using Avon Super Shock Mascara. I had a long time combing the wand through my lashes because they tend to dry out. When it dries out, it becomes flaky, therefore, some of the particles fall on my cheeks and my eyes... I decided to put on mascara on my lower lashes and viola! My eyes looked dreamy! ^__^
So far... I love my make-up today... ^__^
Outfit of the Day: Off-Shoulder Galore?!?
It's so hot! So, I opted to wear a shoulder bearing top that we bought from Jewels in SM San Lazaro. I also wore the acid-washed jeans that we got from the ever reliable... DIVISORIA!!!
I rarely visit Divisoria because I am not very much familiar with the place. It sometimes makes me feel ashamed because the person who knows every street there is none other than... my Honey! XD
Well, I am very amazed with this place. As much as I want to, I can't go there because I am either too tired or busy to drag myself there.
I never thought that place got lots of awesome bargains since you can find lots of people from different walks of life... ehehehe... Anyway, if you have a thousand pesos, you can already buy lots of things with it. ^__^
So, thrifty ladies and those who wanted the most for their hard-earned moolah, head to Divisoria and indulge!!! =D

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