Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiffany-Inspired EOTD using Metal Blue Liner + Black Shadow

Monday is Formal Clothes Day.
Today is a Formal Dress day so, I have to wear a dress today. I have nothing against wearing dresses... I just have to put on a classic-chic make-up... ^__^
Anyway, I decided to pull off another Tiffany-Inspired Make-up... but this time, using a Metal Blue Liner. It was actually an experiment. I also pulled my hair in a chic bun not only because it's a Monday, but it is so hot, as well... =D
Here it is....
Anyway, I decided to put on this make-up since it's easy to smudge and smudge... =D
The outcome...
Just look at the details...
How it looks like... Love it!!! ^__^
Hmmm... What can you say? ^__^
Happy Day!!! ^__^
Sweet Smile for you... =)
Tada! Gotta go now... I have to keep working on the first Tiffany-Inspired Make-up video...
Have a great week ahead, every one!!! ^__^

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