Monday, April 05, 2010

My Very First Blog Entry... (Drum Roll, Please!!!) ^__^

An Angel

Well, let me first introduce myself...

I'm Angel. A 26-year old English teacher. Petite with a height of 5 inches flat. Engaged, very much in-love. Owns a Mini Pinscher named Woody and a Shih Tzu named Aki. Loves staying beautiful. A fan of anime. Sketches anime girls. Knows a lot about the Disney Princesses. Knows Beauty and the Beast pretty well (In fact, memorizes the whole film! I also know the original version of it!). Takes pictures of everything! Dreamt of becoming an artist. In-love with singing. Likes cute stuff. Interested with Korean stuff like beauty, fashion and catchy music. Last but not the least, likes to write about every single thought in mind.

I'll be posting my pictures soon... Don't be surprised if you always notice the background... That's my workstation... I put make-up in the office!
(I took this photo today, this is the end-product of my very first tutorial! My take on SNSD Tiffany's Black Soshi Make-up, which, I'll be posting as soon as I finish editing it. ^__~) =D

My Own Fairytale Love Story

I am engaged to a very loving guy who is a couple of years younger than me. I met Deo Amhiere in college. He wasn't just a suitor or admirer who just came out of the blue; he's one my close friends.

Deo was also the appointed Vice-President of our Student Council, me, being the elected Secretary. Little did I know that he really has a huge crush on me since the day he saw me. Since then, he kept mum until the day he sent me a text message telling me that he has a big problem. I went to meet him, worried. Funny, because we were already in the same place, but we kept on sending messages to one another. He then confessed that his problem was me. Being a bit slow to pick up signals that time, I innocently asked him what he meant. I even asked him what I did wrong ( might be saying "Stupid girl", by now... I really got no idea; he was a friend, a guardian. No signs of romantic attraction, not even a single bit of it.). Guess he got darn irritated, so he said he'll send me a letter. I got the novel-long letter, and everything became crystal-clear: he's in love with me. After that, the courtship began; during which, lots of hindrances and trials came even before we became an official couple. We've been together for four years now and I am happy because we have surpassed a lot of obstacles. He proposed to me last August 2008. We were supposed to get married on our monthsary this August, however, the biggest trial in our lives came: last December, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. We both decided to postpone the wedding and spend the money we saved (and is still saving) for his mom's treatment. The wedding will take place next year, around March or April. =)

A Collage of our pictures... BTW, we both love dining!!! XD

On Teaching...

I love teaching. I think it runs in my blood. My grandmother on my mother side, was a good piano teacher. A very calm and patient one. My grandmother on my father side was a teacher, too. As far as I remember, she graduated with the degree of Library Science. The first time I experienced teaching was a teener (can't remember when). It was called Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). I was able to handle 7 to 9-year old kids. I felt so fulfilled being able to share what I know, preparing visual aids and adored by students. This became my inspiration and basis of taking up teaching. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major in English. ^__^

My High School Students... They were some of my students when I took my Practicum. I practiced on the same high school in which I also graduated. ^__^

My First Official Blog

At last! I finally came up with a nice blog name! It took me a long time before I could ever create a blog. I had been wanting to create a blog but I was either too busy or lazy to make one, worried that I might not be able to update it. I also made a fuzz about the blog name to use. A long list of blog names ran across my mind. The names were either too serious or cheesy. I even consulted my Honey about the name. One night, I tried to experiment on my blogger account (ehehehe...) and typed in "Angelamhiere's Little Heaven". I was completely out of my mind, then when I tried to delete and cancel it, I couldn't do it anymore! So, to convince me that I should stick to it already... I immediately asked my Honey if the name sounds nice... and guess what? His reply was (*^______^*) I was kinda confused and asked him what it meant and he said it's perfect! Whew! I thought he was going to laugh at it, but Honey had been very supportive about the things that I do. ^__^ Oh, by the way, I came across that name the night after I got so sick. So, I realized that I'm having an overload of ideas! Ahahaha!!! (My tweet: uhhh... is this what you get after being sick and having a terrible case of headache and body pain??? An overload of ideas!!!???!!!) XD

And so, my very first blog was born March 30, 2010. ^__^

About the name "Angelamhiere"...

You might be wondering where I got the name "Angelamhiere". Well, I am very much in-love with my Honey and so, I fused our names together. ^__~ Others may find it cheesy, but I think it's kinda cute...

My name is "Angelica", a Latin word, meaning "angelic". Most of my friends call me "Angel" ^__^ My honey's complete name is Deo Amhiere, which had "Deo", a Greek word meaning "godlike" and "Amhiere", meaning "prince". I just love Honey's second name, "Amhiere". I'd say, his mom had really chosen a good name for him.

Although we aren't married yet, at least, our names are always together... =D

I am still working on this blog, so, please pardon the layout... Also, I am an English Teacher but I'm only human to commit grammatical errors. ^__~


Anonymous said...

Just keep blogging...Just keep blogging...Just keep blogging... (dory mode)

angelamhiere said...

Ehehehe... I will... I'm just too darn busy these days... and of course, wallowing... in boredom!!!

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