Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Soshi Tiffany-Inspired Make-up Tutorial... FINALLY!!!

I can now share with you the video of my Black Soshi Tiffany-Inspired Make-up! ^__^
Sorry about the quality, I don't understand why the video was like this... It used to play well when it was raw but when I edited it, it was awful... anyway... I hope you like it... ^__^
This is my very first make-up video... =D


Sugar Apple said...

Wow Congrats on your second tutorial, but i think the video is too small maybe you can upload it to youtube next time so that other youtube users might see it too.

Mikki Aragon said...

cute! angel, kmukha mo si maja... =)

angelamhiere said...

@ Sugar Apple: Sure! I also have a Youtube page but I don't have much videos there... Only videos of my dog... Hahaha!!! ^__^

I don't know why the quality was really bad... anyway, thanks for watching! ^__^

@ Mikki: Thanks! Many people say that... hehehe... I think Maja is too pretty to be compared to me... =D

Thanks for viewing and commenting, every one! ^__^

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