Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Take on Tiffany's Black Soshi Make-up ^__^

Run Devil, Run!!!
As you know, I love staying pretty. These days, I'm so hooked on SNSD's catchy songs. Then, I saw their Black Soshi Concept. I fell in love with the make-up! Since it's a Monday (Formal Attire day in the office), instead of trying Taeyon's look (which I was really dying to try), I decided to go a bit smoky and Tiffany's make-up passed the test!
My inspiration: Tiffany
Nice, Ayt? ^__^
Love her dress, too!
I had been attempting to make a make-up tutorial but I am too busy being a teacher. I also don't have the necessary tools; I only work with what I have (talk about being resourceful!!! ^__~).
So, here's a glimpse on my Tiffany-Inspired make-up look:
I was wearing a cute, little pink summery tube dress and I wore a black blazer to make it look formal. I was also wearing my high-heeled baby... ^__^
The eyes... I just love them!
Look down!
Another look... Smile! ^__^
Trying to look innocent... Hahaha!!!
One last, cute shot! Here you go! ^__^
I hope you liked it... I'll be editing the video soon... ^__^


Anonymous said...

camwhore muchee?

angelamhiere said...

trying to make a tutorial... but too busy to edit! waaah!!! huhuhuhu... i'll try to work on it this weekend...!

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