Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Baby: "Aki" the Shih Tzu Pup

Meet Aki

My sweet Honey got a new puppy. I named him "Aki", a Shih Tzu. I had always wanted to have a dog. Actually, I used to oggle St. Bernards but I had to be realistic. Hehehe... And so, Shih Tzu dogs always melt my heart when I see them. I had been in love with Pomeranians, Chow-chows, Beagles and many sorts. My choices change from time to time but I would still fall for a cute Shih Tzu.

My Eldest Baby

As you can remember, I made a post about "Woody", my Mini Pinscher. To know his story, click here. =)

A month ago, Honey's mom informed us that our friend, Mark, knows some Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso breeders, which happens to be his students and our churchmates. He also wanted to have a dog, so, he ordered one for himself. Knowing that we loved dogs, he also shared the news with Honey's mom. Tita got giddy and as soon as we arrived home, she immediately mentioned the Shih Tzu pups for sale. My Honey's reply? GO!!!

We got the puppy last Saturday, May 1st. I already named him "Aki" before we even got him. It's actually his nickname, for "Akihiro". It is a Japanese name, meaning "large glory". In fact, (*blushing*) I named it after cute and sexy Brapanese model, Akihiro Sato, who was my crush. Just for fun, actually. =D

I got so giddy with Aki but...

Anyway, I am kinda depressed these days because the people at home is so fond of Aki and came to the point that they ignore Woody already. I can say I love Woody than Aki; I don't know... maybe because Honey's sister claims that Aki is hers (Okay, she have 20% of the payment but Honey paid 80% of it... She couldn't even clean up the dog's poo-poo...). It makes me lose interest towards Aki. Compared to Aki, Woody is smarter and sweet, only that he is too playful. Woody is very jealous of Aki and the other dogs (Mark's Seon Deok and Michiko's Shiro-Aki's eldest sister and younger brother respectively) because they are all cute and cuddly fluffy pups, and he gets left behind. He can't be around the puppies because he is too playful; the puppies might get crushed...

I feel so sorry for Woody. We can't sleep in our bedroom now since it is too hot; all the fans were in Honey's house and we all slept there. He can't go out because he can't play with Aki. I can't play with him outside because it is so hot. This morning, he chewed on his holster; so, it means that I have to buy him a new one... Oh Woody! <='''(

Honey kept on telling me that Aki is ours, assuring me that they are just too fond of Aki at the start but will later on get tired of him. I don't touch Aki that much. I have this certain bitterness that makes me blame him for having Woody ignored by the people at home. I myself is also jealous because they don't treat Woody the same anymore; which is not right. Woody is supposed to be the Alpha Dog (What's an Alpha Dog? Click here to find out).

I want to train both dogs but they baby Aki too much. I wish they could get over him na....

Good luck to me... and Woody... and Aki...

I still love Woody very much.


Kim Neill said...

YOu have the cutest dogs! There so cute :-D Must admit I was a a dog person too, I have a bichon friseb ut since we got McTavish I adore him aha. Much love.

Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! Woody is a smart dog... I'm gonna train Aki soon... ^__^

They both love brushing their teeth. ^__^

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