Thursday, April 29, 2010

I miss drawing... T__T (Plus quick FOTD)

Aside from putting on make-up, one of my loves is drawing...
Quick FOTD: Lush Greens
I am an anime fanatic since way back in elementary days. My friends and classmates would ask me to draw Sailor Moon for them. I also like inventing my own anime characters.
One of my "fans" is my mom. She was, or should I say, still very proud of me. When I was in my first year in college and I decided to sneak out to visit her, mom asked me to draw an angel for her to display at her office station. She's got tons of angel figurines crowding her station and home. She talks about me and my sisters a lot, especially me and my achievements in her office; so, they all know that I can draw well.
A year ago, when we met at home, mom asked if I still draw, I told her, I don't have time anymore. I stopped drawing since I started working. She told me that I might lose my touch for drawing. Awww!!! I don't want that to happen!!! It's one of my precious talents!!! =(
I'm wondering and worried about my drawing skills... =S
Ever since mom mentioned it, I got so enthusiastic about buying tools and stuff and improve my skills. So far, what I got was the first two issues of "The Way of the Manga"... I really wanted to buy a dummy but it doesn't fit my budget anymore. =(
Take a peek at my Manga guides...
Nevermind the messy hair... hehehe... (I'm sick...)
I think the last time I was ever able to accomplish and keep a copy of my drawing was... OMG! I don't remember!!! x__x
I drew this picture when I was on my last year in College. I was having my practicum that time. It still has a date (and my sign!): December 15, 2007
She's so pretty!!! My high school students actually noticed her...
And so, I just sketch and sketch. I can't even finish one figure. ='''(
I wonder when will I ever get to draw? =(
NOTE: I'll try to draw something for our VP and Korean Manager. They will be leaving and we'll miss them a lot... =(
Aja! Fighting!!!


fuzkittie said...

Hehe super cute~

Cinthia Truong said...

Your drawing is lovely. I wish I could draw like you. Hopefully you'll get your touch back :)

Thank you for the award dear :D

angelamhiere said...

Thanks fuzkittie and Cinthia! ^__^

Don't worry, I'll practice and when I come up with a new drawing, I'll share it with you guys... ^__^

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