Monday, April 26, 2010

Run, Devil Run Cover... for Student! *^__^*

My birthday present to my student... ^__^
It's was my student's birthday last Friday... and as I have promised her, I told her that I'll sing Run, Devil, Run.
Let me share with you how it went... (Pardon my voice... I was VERY nervous!!!) XD
Run, Teacha, Run!!!
Oh... My voice sounds different here!!! =S I have colds last week and I passed it already to Honey... hehehe... XD
Well, I have fun singing for my students... It's a challenge singing Korean songs! ^__~
(I hope to get some of your comments... hehehe...)


Sugar Apple said...

Ahhh that was so cute, you have a very good relationship with your students. ^^

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! I really do my best to have a good relationship with them. Actually, I have a very good relationship with ALL of them! ^__^

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