Monday, April 19, 2010

Consecutive Classes Madness...

An update on my Monday Consecutive Classes...
My student went to Teddy Bear Museum today! Wow! I saw some of the pictures in the net... I want to go there!!! ^__^
I love teddy bears! I wish I could go to Jeju Island!!!
OMG!!! One of my students told me to study Korean! She said she'll give me a test! Hahaha!!!
I have to study these in just ONE NIGHT?!?
Oh, by the way, that student is only SIX YEARS OLD!!! She's actually a clever and smart girl... one of the best students that I have. ^__~
Next student asked me to help her with her school work...
Student was absent.
Student was able to follow through the lesson but a bit slow. In my opinion, it is a good sign of improvement. ^__^
So... that's how a portion of my Monday went... ^__~

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