Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Back!!!: Updates about the Weekend plus FOTD ^__^

Hello Blogworld!!! I'm back! ^__^
I got sick last week and if you read my last blog entry, it occurred here, at work. I don't know the reason, maybe because of the condition I have. Anyway, it seemed a long weekend for me since I was absent from work last Thursday then there's no work last Friday because it was Buddha's birthday in Korea.
FOTD: Smoky Black
Camwhore mode... hahaha!!!
FOTDs seemed like I didn't get sick... hahaha!!! XD
I will update you about what happened:
As per my previous blog, I had a fever and was having chills while teaching. I didn't expect that I'll have fever the whole night till morning the next day. Woody, my mini pinscher, which sleeps in my bedroom, might have known that I am sick, so, he avoided to sleep beside me. We were not able to play because of that. I felt bad for him, but I was touched by his sweetness. He kissed me good night and he slept farther from me. I was sick but I still appreciated his cute face that morn-night. I wish I could have taken a shot, but my body was aching terribly and I felt helpless that time. So, I tried to sleep. Failed! I couldn't sleep because of the fever and the pain. =(
MAY 20, 2010, THURSDAY
I guess the maid woke up not because of the motorcycle she heard outside, but because of my whines and cries. A little later, she was wiping a wet towel over my head, my arms and my legs. It wasn't that cold, but it was okay, I think it also helped suppress the rising temperature of my body. She kept doing it until I was a bit relieved. Come morning, she was saying indirectly that she'll ask my Honey to buy me medicines. I went down at around 6 am to go to the bathroom. Honey's dad saw me and asked me how I felt. He already gave the maid money to buy me meds because Honey hasn't arrived home yet. I was actually worried because I give Honey's mom her shots of insulin; I don't know who will do it for her. So, I took a rest then, after an hour, the fever has gone a bit. I was able to give her insulin shots. I took lots of rest, hoping to be at work in the afternoon. I was bathing in sweat and it was terribly hot not because of my fever, but the weather also helped in making me sweat a lot! After eating a bit, I took another sleep... I realized that all I did was sleep that day!!! =D
Honey went home and saw me sleeping at their place. He always like me to sleep there whenever I don't feel good because he worries that something might happen to me since I (used to be) am alone in my room. Besides, he wants me to bug him as soon as I feel something strange. Hey! It's our monthsary already! He didn't bring me home anything but he bought food for us. ^__^
MAY 21, 2010, FRIDAY
No work. It's Buddha's Birthday. I felt a bit better now. I did a few things around the house but light chores only. Honey's parents were very careful and concerned about me, telling me to take it easy because I might get a fever again. Honey helped the maid wash clothes and we had lots of snacks in the afternoon. It was fun! We had pizza and sushi. It was a simple celebration for us. ^__^
Honey went to organists class in Tondo and when he arrived home, he bought his nephew and niece toys. He also bought me... a SNAKES AND LADDERS GAME! Hahaha!!! I was actually complaining, telling him that I wanted a Scrabble game. I accepted it anyway. I thought of an idea to make this game exciting: adding questions! I apply this kind of board game in class, and I think it would be a lot fun if we ask questions, instead of going up the ladder and sliding down the snake. Exciting, ayt? Hehehe...
Happy day... ^__^
MAY 22, 2010, SATURDAY
Manila Zoo Day with the kids. PM, Honey's nephew, woke us up and kept telling us that he's ready to go to the zoo.
We went to the zoo at around 10 in the morning, just the four of us: Me, Honey, PM and France. When we arrived there, PM saw the elephant and was scared to go near it. He was also scared to go in the reptile house. Hehehe... Generally speaking, PM was cowardly scared of the animals in the zoo so, we kept on teasing him that he's gay! Hahaha!!!
After seeing the animals in the zoo, we went to SM Manila to eat and wander around. We went home at around 4 in the afternoon. ^__^
Mark dropped by at the house and paid us a visit. He didn't bring Seon Deok. We went to 7-11 with Woody and Aki just to buy food and drinks. We stayed outside until 12 am. Fun! ^__^
Woody slept beside me while we watched "Hachiko". It was a touching dog movie based on real events. Must see for dog-lovers. ^__~
MAY 23, 2010, SUNDAY
Stayed home with the "family" (I consider my future-in-laws my family-we are like a real family-its as if Honey and his siblings are only my cousins. I feel like a part of the family already because Honey's parents treat me like their daughter. ^__^ ).
Ate and slept and went to church in the afternoon. After church, we went to SM (Save More) to buy some food. We purchased a few items only, but we were seven in number... hehehe....
The day ended nicely. It felt refreshed and looked forward to blogging my long weekend experiences. =)
I'll share some pictures soon. =)
Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for the people who inspired me to write... =)
I am hoping this would be a great week! ^__^


fuzkittie said...

Glad u r feeling better, you look great! Have a good week!

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Thanks fuz! ^__^

That cheered me up! ^__^

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