Thursday, May 27, 2010


For today, I wore a red Chinese-like top because its really hot outside (it’s sleeveless and the cloth is so light and comfortable). I opted to wear less make-up and I decided to go soft on my eye shadow. Instead, I wore red lipstick. ^__~

I rarely wear red lipstick. I remember my college classmate tell me that she likes seeing me wear pink lipstick than red lipstick because in her opinion, my face looked a “classic” (like those in the 50’s, or Audrey Hepburn-like face) already.

FOTD 052710: Does red look good on me?
I feel a bit shy to post the other pics... I look "sexy" in those pics!!! Hahaha!!!

I blogged about contests and placed them in separate a page. I will try to finish posting them this week so I can post more personal blog entries…

I’m happy because my Honey bought me a Big Gulp from 7-11. He also bought siopao (steamed bun) and potato chips for me. ^__^

I was also able to be in touch with my favorite aunt, which is a wedding coordinator. Yesterday, I forwarded an e-mail message to her regarding an All-day, Two-day Food Tasting Event from the Philippine Wedding Congress. For those who don’t know, I am getting married next year – actually, wedding was supposed to be this year; but since Honey’s mom got diagnosed for cancer, we had to postpone the wedding so we can tend to his mom’s needs. It isn’t an issue for me. It’s really okay with me. I don’t want to pressure them and myself as well. We hope that on our wedding day, everything will be fine. =)

And so, my Aunt replied this afternoon to my messages. She thanked me for inviting me on this event. Unfortunately, she told me that she might not be able to attend because she and my cousin might in the States that time. Awww!!! I got worried, because she mentioned that she might stay there longer or even permanently!!! I got a little panicky because she’s going to be part of the Principal Sponsors; besides, I’ll be needing her help with the planning. Yes, I had been her assistant during events for quite a long time but I realized that it’s difficult to work on your OWN wedding. =D

I am planning to start laying out plans (again). Back to scratch. I will be busy looking for new bridal gown designs and trends. I have a dream wedding in mind but I have to look for more perks. A wedding is only once, and I want it to be very memorable not only for us, but for everyone as well. ^__^

Do you have tips or pieces of advice for me? I’d be happy to accept them! Please feel free to send in some suggestions. =)

Should I start a wedding blog? What do you think? ^__^

Bye! Have classes!!! ^__^

I miss you all!


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CoLine said...

I think having a wedding blog is a brilliant idea! go go go na! ☺

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