Friday, May 28, 2010

♥♥♥ HAPPY FRIDAY!!! ♥♥♥ (Random stuff)


It was a nice week for me… not much problems… Or, maybe I have forgotten them. =D

FOTD 052810: Yoobin Inspired Eyes (from Two Different Tears MV)

My make-up stuff aren't that good that's why the colors aren't as intense as they supposed to be. I'll try to find a solution for this. ^__~

I noticed my hair is okay these days... Straight and shiny... looks healthy, too (except for the ends! XD). Honestly, I only use shampoo and conditioner... What's with me? Am I morphing?!? Hahaha!!! I am almost about to change my mind to getting a haircut... XD

Anyway, I was getting a lot of comments that I am pretty (???) these days… I wonder why. It was so random! My blog friends, some followers and even my real life friends tell me the same thing. I really wonder why… maybe my make-up brushes do me wonders! Hahaha!

I’d be starting to lay-out our wedding plans. I have to lock up Honey in the room so we can talk about it. I want him to be a big part of it. I remember him telling me that he wants anything that would make me happy on our wedding day. But of course, I still want him to take part in it. Besides, it’s a brain racking thing, huh! Hehehe…

I am itching to buy a laptop… I need it for work, the wedding research and planning, BLOGGING, and I want to start a little online business. Any recommendations? What can you say about the "little online business"? =)


Oh! Me is sad today. I knew that our team would be dissolved and news came out yesterday that I’ll be distributed to a group that I don’t completely know. I would agree if it’s from the same shift, but, they’ll be transferring me to a group originally from the PM shift! Honestly, I don’t like the vibes of most people in the PM. Many of them are (*excuse me*) pretentious. I asked Honey about the people that I’ll soon work with and he said they’re kinda “okay”, but I disagree… oh well, he is our trainer. He knows much. I might try to contest about this transfer or I’ll just lock myself more often in my station if that happens. Anyway, maybe by December, I’ll be applying in a public high school and resign soon before or after the wedding. Just a little patience, Angel… Just a little patience… =S

Sad! so sad!!! Felt crappy!!!

So far, that’s the only thing that ruined my week. My students have cheered me up by doing such things: (I'll be talking about them next time. ^__^)

I decided to take a snapshot before saying goodbye... I felt so fresh and pretty here... =D
Bye! Teacher has to go... Sad, sad, sad....! (His sister is also my student. ^__^)
This sweetheart is so talented! She can play the piano, dance, do crafts and a lot more! Here, she's playing some songs for me. It's the boy's friend and neighbor, anyway. (I guess they recommended me. ^__^)

And so, I am hoping that this weekend will be fun… See you next week! ^__^

I miss you all!!! ^__^


Laine said...

Have you heard this before?? (I'm betting that you have) You resemble Maja Salvador :)

angelamhiere said...

Yeah! Most of the time! Hahaha! Before, it was Roxanne Barcelo but now, they tell me I look like Maja Salvador... yeeeee!!! I'm shy! hahaha!!!

I'll take that as a compliment! Thanks, Laine! ^__^

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