Monday, May 31, 2010

It's a Toxic Monday!!!

Gosh! It's Monday already... I am still not over the weekend yet... I still wanna rest!
Okay. I've been gone for a couple of days and I missed blogging. I'll update you about the weekend...
MAY 29, 2010, SATURDAY
Honey's mom and dad woke me up to ask if I want to go with them to Bataan because one of their relatives died. I was uncertain and waited for Honey's answer. At first, they thought of bringing the whole family there but we all realized how big the expense would be. So, in the end, his parents and PM (Honey's nephew) went there. His siblings and I stayed home. So what did we do? Honey and I had a Korean movie marathon. At first, we watched The Last Present (선물). It was a drama. I wasn't in the mood to watch a drama at all, Honey just accidentally played it and thus, we began watching it. Honestly, I cannot recall how many times have I cried because of the story. Guess I'm such a crybaby at all!!! Hahaha!
Last Present
Next movie was 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant. Funny movie this time. If you like Korean stuff and wanna learn things about them, better start watching their movies. You'll enjoy watching them because the quality of their movies are great! They can match Hollywood movies. I often wonder how they do it and also wonder if Filipinos can also do the same thing.
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
We brought Woody and Aki in the room and watched them play at the same time. As I've said before, I want to train the two to get tired of playing around when they're together. After about 10 minutes of playing, the two babies got tired and slept. Hehehe... After eating dinner, we went out with the dogs and walked them around the neighborhood. It was so fun!
MAY 30, 2010, SUNDAY
We gave the little babies their baths and Seon Deok stayed with us the whole day because Mark was busy for the SKP Graduation (it's like a summer class for kindergarten, conducted by the church). I prepared early for Church and decided to put on make-up. I usually put on simple make-up but I don't know the reason for being pretty in going to church. Honey plays the organ at church and we usually stay a bit longer to wait for him. I think the choir members were eyeing me again (makes me think that they're talking about me and Honey, and wonders how we became couples - Haha! Talk about conceitedness! ). Anyway, I feel happy because some people appreciate my "beauty" (can't say the word straight! haha!). It challenges me to stay pretty, too, when people see me and Honey around... Like when we had a mini-reunion with Honey's college batchmates, his friends and classmates said, "Wow! It's been four years! They're getting stronger!" and of course, they noticed my glow (to think that I only put on a little make-up that day. ^__~). Oh well! Honey feels so proud of how I take care of myself and he appreciates my effort in keeping myself beautiful. ^__^
We went home and I felt so tired and sleepy, so I went to my room to rest. I think I was half-awake; I felt my body was pressing against my bed and I just couldn't stand up. I didn't notice that I was already staying there for three hours! I thought someone was calling me for dinner but when I asked Honey if they ate dinner already, he said, no one has eaten dinner yet. It was already 10:00 pm. We ate dinner at 11:00. Played with the little babies and fell asleep fast after doing so.
MAY 31, 2010, MONDAY
Gosh! I woke up to Woody's nudges. He got all excited because Honey arrived home from church practice (they go to church at 4:30 or 5:00 (???) in the morning to have a practice the songs for the week.) I had breakfast and slept again in my bedroom. I woke up at 10:00 in the morning and saw Honey sleeping. Poor Honey! But I completely understand the reason why he had to wake up really early during Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays. I woke him up and asked about our lunch and packed food for work. He asked me to cook a kilo of my Tuna Fettuccine. We brought some to work. ^__^
FOTD 053110: I love my headband! What do you think? Wanna order some?
Here's when the toxic day started. A co-worker was absent (again! - He's always absent!) and my GL had to give one of his classes to me since I'm available. Good thing about it was I don't have to make a report about the class since it's a Free Level Test - meaning, it's a trial class. The absent teacher's GL sent me files - lots of them - that I can use for the class. What pissed me off is that when I asked about which material to use, she told me that it depends on me. I had time to browse the folders so, I found a file right for the student. Good heavens! I really found the right material for her because she's a level 0 - meaning, the student can't speak and understand English at all! I understand her. and If only I can see her (she doesn't have a camera), I think I could have helped her more. It's easier for me if I see the student. But still, I felt relieved to help the poor student answer some of the questions. =)
Okay, free level test was over. Here comes, the supervisor out of nowhere. He gave me a class a couple of minutes before the time! He apologized because he said the teacher is feeling bad at that time. And so, I had to scramble templates for the kid as we were having the rapport part. OMG! I inform my GL about these situations ahead of time, so she can brace herself! I also want to avoid "giving away" my students. I want to have classes with them as much as I can.
Some minor toxic stuff. GL asked us to look for files for QA. It's automatic, I mean, It's understood that we should do this every month. What made it toxic was that it had to go along the major toxic subclasses. Anyhow, I was able to pick one recording for it. I only had to do it after these subclasses. ^__^
I had lesser students today. So, I was able to make templates for the next day's class. I checked my schedule for next month and I saw three of my students (who work in big Korean companies) re-enrolled for the month of June. So, same schedule as May. I hope we can complete June without lates. I intend to buy some stuff with our incentives. ^__^
Good luck for this week! I hope to post more entries this coming month!!! ^__^

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