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May 5th is Children's Day in Korea

Finally! A blog post that I had been working on! Sorry, I was too busy and lazy to blog these days...
Well, here it goes! ^__^

In South Korea, May 5 is officially recognized as Children's Day. Parents often give presents to their children, as well as spend time with them. The children are taken on excursions to zoos and museums. The holiday was originally celebrated on May 1, but was later moved to May 5.

The writer Bang Jeong-Hwan is attributed to creating Children's Day in Korea. He is also believed to be responsible for changing the meaning of the word "어린이" into "child", which originally meant for "younger" (as opposed to "성인" ("older")).-Wikipedia

So, this meant no work for us. We have no work during Korean Holidays; most Korean Companies follow the Korean Holidays in their Calendar. So, it means we work during most of the holidays throughout the year (but of course, there are some exceptions).

There are only a few holidays in Korea and we always do our best to enjoy those holidays. And so, we decided to go out since it’s also salary day. We had a little Children’s day of our own with Honey’s nephew and niece. ^__^

PM and France in Persia... Oh! Prince of Persia! Hahaha!

How We celebrated "Children's Day”

Okay. In the morning, we went to SM San Lazaro with PM (Honey’s nephew), France (Honey’s niece) and Mark (our family friend, actually, he’s the best friend of Honey’s sister). We actually went there just to buy our kid’s (Woody and Aki) stuff.

And so, off we go downstairs to wander around and saw this cool new place. Man! It was literally cool!!! It’s a frozen yogurt shop. I love frozen yogurt and as soon as Honey saw my initial reaction, he instantly bowed to me like a dad to a kid and I dashed off inside the cozy place.

The name of the parlor was Tutti Frutti. According to their website,

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is an international soft serve frozen yogurt brand of Well Spring. It provides no sugar added mixes, smoothie base mixes, 20 plus natural flavors, soft serve equipment, and designed unique cups.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt vows to please you with a premium quality yogurt that has great taste and good nutrition. We strive to serve you with great customer service and care. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt promises to pursue only the highest-quality ingredients in order to bring our customers the best frozen yogurt in the market today.

It was self-serve. Meaning, you assemble your own yummy! ^__^ Each ounce costs P20. Mark got a little vanilla-flavored frozen yogurt while I dashed off to get my favorite flavor: STRAWBERRY!!! I got so excited that I almost filled my cup with lots of strawberry frozen yogurt. XD

Tutti Frutti's Serving Instructions

After putting on frozen yogurt, the next step was to put your own toppings. I first drizzled my frozen yogurt with strawberry syrup and placed some fruit toppings like cherries, mangoes and peaches. Oh! I also sprinkled some candies on it. It looks so cute! I finished it off with some mini-chocolate chips.

Took pics before eating my masterpiece! ^__^

We had our masterpieces weighted and guess what? Mark’s chocolate art cost him P150 while my strawberry art which I may call “Strawberry Dream” cost me P250 (hihihi… I think I got carried away!). Anyhow, it was an awesome experience! I really took lots of pictures of the place as well as our masterpieces.

Health Benefits... Good for health!
Our yummy frozen delights!!!
My Strawberry Dream
Another look before it melts!
Mark's Masterpiece!
I’m glad the kids enjoyed it, too. Of course, I also asked Honey to take pictures of us savoring our creations. ^__^

With PM, France and Mark
PM, France and Mark... PM really posed for the pic!
Thanks for taking the pic, Honey... What!?! PM naman, eh!!! You are one pirate, PM! (hahaha!!!)
Honey watching us like a dad does to his kids... Thanks for constantly spoiling me, Honey! =D
I just can't get enough taking pictures... The place is really cozy!!!
Strawberry Dream... 사라 (gone)!

Our Journey Didn’t End There.

We went home to have lunch and rest. Real plan was to go to Quiapo. But Honey changed his mind. He wanted to go to Divisoria! I told him I don’t want to go there anymore because of the extreme heat. But we still went there with the two kids.

We wandered around 168 mall and saw many nice items. I can’t buy all of them because I have to think of our other expenses. I always comfort myself by saying “Divisoria is always here. I can always return anytime.” After about 30 minutes, I saw some Class A Mac make-up and before asking about their prices, something caught the my eye. A Mac Brush set containing 24-pieces (Class A, too)! I had mixed emotions upon seeing them. Honey asked about the price and remembering his mom’s reminder about the expenses and situation regarding her treatment, I almost held back. He knew I wanted to have a set and he also had to replace the brush that he broke. He insisted on getting me a set and while he was inquiring and working his way on getting a discount, I was having second thoughts on buying the set. I got surprised because the set was so cheap. And it made me all the more confused. Honey made the final decision. He got me the set! And do you know how much he got it? The price was actually P600 but he used his “charm” (so he calls it) to get it for only P500. ^__^

Recent Purchases: Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder in Honey (SM Department Store) and Class A Mac 24-piece Brush Set (Divisoria)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder: works nicely for me...

The brushes were good. I have not encountered a real Mac brush (Maybe I don’t recall; my aunt’s make-up artist uses authentic Mac products! He might have used Mac brushes on me when I attended my cousin’s 18th birthday.) in my life and I don’t have an idea on how it feels to the skin. But the brushes we got were really soft. So nice!

Class A Mac Brushes: so soft!!!

The main reason why we went there was to buy the kids things like coloring books and school supplies while they stay with us throughout the vacation. But Honey teased me because it was I who got the first item… hehehe…

Goodbye old and broken brushes... You can now rest in peace...

It was such a tiring but great day for me and the kids! ^__^

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