Thursday, November 01, 2012

What I Got For My Birthday This Year

Not that I still have a hangover on my birthday month (which I miss), but let me share with you the birthday presents I got... ^__^

Hubby got me the Le Faerie Super Palette! ^__^

 Gorgeous palette!!! Just what I need!!! ^__^

I've been wanting to dreaming of having an eyeshadow palette with a wide selection of colors in it, in fact, I'm okay with the Sleek palettes which I included in my wishlish here. I wasn't expecting that hubby would actually get me something like the Le Faerie Super Palette!!! Imagine my joy when I unboxed it!!! =D

A few hours before my birthday...

Hubby: (looking at me intently, with a playful grin on his lips) Yihiieee!!! Go ahead and ogle it... *grins*
Me: *Blushes* Stop it! (places the box on top of my makeup stash)

A little later...

Hubby: Why aren't you looking at my present yet? Don't you like it?
Me: I do! Later, okay?

A few seconds after that...

Me: (holding the box in my hands, nervously opening the box and carefully removing the acetate cover of the eye shadow palette)
Hubby: (stopped watching something on youtube on my smart phone) You like it?
Me: (startled) Waaah! You startle me! I might scratch my new babies!!!
Hubby: o__O

Teehee! So much for loving my new babies... =D
Thank you, Bee, for helping me get this awesome palette!!! ^__^

Ms Sophie sent me a pack of Inti-Mate Bra Converters which arrived a couple of days before my birthday.

Now, I won't be a victim of "The Fallen" straps! =D

It's her way of thanking me for "advertising" her CashCashPinoy deal on my Facebook wall. She just found my post cute... hehehe... But I was actually not expecting her to "react" like that! What a surprise!!! =D

And Bee gifted me with a cute pair of wedges. ^__^

Rawr! So nice! ^__^

It's so pretty that even my mom and sister-in-law fell in love with it! =D

Making it up to you lovelies... Let me catch up!!! ^__~

I suppose you are all having a good time with your families. Have a good time! =)

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