Friday, November 23, 2012

My Take on Bridal Makeup (Version 2: Pinks)

This is the second look for my supposed-to-be-contest-entry for Ms. Jheng's contest last July. I have used the same Nichido eyeshadow palette that I used for the first look (Click on the link to see the first look). =)

 Pinks and browns... Our wedding motif! ^__^

For the lips, I used Cover Girl It’s Your Mauve topped with a pink lip gloss that I can't recall. =D

 Look at the difference! =D

Two-faced! =D
Yup! I only did half of my huge fez (face) again! =D

How I wish I have a really good camera. The colors looked so pretty in real life! Our helper even asked me if I was about to go somewhere special because of my makeup. =D

Gyah! Must.Invest.On.A.Camera.Soon!!!! -__-

In my opinion, pinks, browns and cream shades are perfect for bridal makeup. They help a lot in improving one's features without altering the overall look. Golds also do wonders in brightening a bride's face. =)

What's your favorite bridal makeup combination?

Now I wonder about which look I could have worn on my big day last year if we didn't have an HMUA. o__O

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