Thursday, November 08, 2012

Il Terrazzo Presents: Tickle Your Funny Bones

Manila, Philippines – Feeling somber, stressed, and plagued with life problems? Then come to the event that gives the best medicine – laughter! Il Terrazzo presents Tickle Your Funny Bones! Without a doubt, this will be a night of giggling, laughter, and overjoyed spirits. This might just be the break and unwinding you need! 

Tickle Your Funny Bones will be featuring Comedy Cartel, one of the premier comedy guilds in the Philippines. They specialize in the art of stand-up comedy and have sent the Master, Alex Calleja and company to entertain you throughout the night!

Tickle Your Funny Bones will deliver their pee-inducing comedy spiels on November 10, 2012, Saturday, 7PM, at the Il Terrazzo lobby (fountain area). The best thing about this is that the show is open to the public; so feel free to invite your family, friends, everyone! 

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