Friday, November 02, 2012

After the Rain

Hello! Happy Friday!!!

I am really doing my very best to update my blog now. The past two months was a roller coaster ride for me. It gave me ups and downs... Mostly downs, and I blame my hormones for it.

I felt so weak, sick and so bored. I felt like a bird in a cage. Always stuck with my job... not that I hate my job, I love my job. There will be times that I get stressed with some students, but they are not all that bad. Some are good students, while some, well, let's say, they're just kids who are lazy to study. Commonly, Korean kids are pushed by their parents to study and go to various academies. And adding up online classes added to the poor students' stress. So, I cannot really blame them. However, I understand their parents. I know why they want their children to study hard. Back in their days, the times were tough, food was scarce and not everyone can afford to go to school Now that Korea is booming, they want their kids to have a better life. And what only way can they get that, but through studying?

Some kids like the set-up, while others don't. Personally speaking, I like it. I am the kind of person who loves learning. If I am a young Korean student and my parents explained the reason why they put me into intensive learning, I would definitely and happily go to those institutions. Tiring, yes, but it's always a fulfillment for me when I learn something. I remember when I was around five or six years old, my mom used to send me to ballet classes (which I enjoyed) and at the same time, made me take up piano classes courtesy of my grandmother, who is a piano teacher. I used to think that I can learn it anytime, taking my classes for granted. Sadly, I didn't learn playing the it (shame on me) because I always choose food over my piano lessons. Now, I feel disappointed not having learned to play it. It was only during my teenage years when I felt the urge to study playing the piano - now that grandma is gone. =(

It is those situations that some kids don't understand. Plus, it is always an advantage when you know a particular skill. Learn it while you can, for you'll never know when you'll need it. 

Now, going back to what I was rambling about... okay, I admit, Work got its nerve on me. I'll cut the story short. I missed my husband; we didn't get a lot of time to spend together due to our responsibilities. And another thing related to that is, we can't go out and have our own time to ourselves. It has made me so sad and very prone to tantrums that the helper, hubby's aunt and I were almost suspecting that I am already pregnant, because my last period was from last August. I'm not sure whether it's good news or not, but it finally came last October, a couple of weeks ago. During the span of time it wasn't "visiting" me, I was always not in the mood, and poor hubby had to endure it. Since we lacked time for one another, a lot of things disturbed me - I got sick, my period made me paranoid and made me avoid taking medicines, I was bored, I missed my friends and I wallowed on the missed opportunities all because of sticking with my job. I was grumpy all the time and would stay in my bedroom all day. My laptop and internet connection were my trusty pals.

Then, I realized and admitted to hubby that I just missed him, that I missed talking with him. Since that "confession", everything was back to normal. All the boredom and misery were all because of missing him... 

Lesson learned? Learn to bravely confront your partner and talk things over. There's no better way to solve a problem than a good talk. *wink*

 Ironically, this was taken last August, after Habagat. I was supposed to write about our experience during that time but things piled up. Little did I know that a different storm would come...

Bright, sunny days are coming... the storm is gone... =)

I hope I didn't bore you with my story. Thanks for sticking with me until this minute. =)

I already have a lineup of my future posts. Please stay tuned! ^__^

P.S: Yubu, I know you'll get to read this post. I'm sorry for making you upset. I love you. Always put that in your heart and mind. 

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Kath said...

hay, parehas tayo. Minsan ganyan din ako. I'm glad that ok now :D

angelamhiere said...

Hehehe... I'm doing well, so far! Hahaha!!! =D

Aja to us!!! ^__^

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