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tvN K-Pop Star Hunt Season 2

Hello there! It's the 2nd day of August and the weather is unpredictably crazy!!!

Anyhoo, its okay! I am positive that it'll be a super wonderful day on my birthday, rain or shine! ^__^

K-Popster? Are you a K-pop wannabe like me? Hihihi... I know, I know! I am already married and reaching 30 in two years time... but hey, K-Pop isn't only for kids, noh!

Agree with me, please!!!
(Aegyo? Hahaha!!!)

Here are my futile attempts on being a singer...

Okay. Sorry for breaking your eardrums. By the way, both songs are from IU. ^__^

OMO~! Such a cutie!!!

Okay, here's good news! Are you ever familiar with TVN's K-Pop Star Hunt? Season 1 was so successful that there's Season 2! Let this be your first step to K-Pop Stardom! ^__^

Aspirants from Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan will have the chance to represent their country and be the next to ride the Korean Wave!

The search for the next K-Pop Superstar begins!

tvN, Asia’s leading Korean Entertainment Channel launches K-Pop Star Hunt Season 2 and is once again looking for the next K-POP Superstar! 

Mania, Philippines, July 19 – Are you aspiring to be Korea’s next pop sensation? Make K-Pop Star Hunt your first step to stardom! With the success of its first season – attracting more than 50 million viewers across Asia – K-Pop Star Hunt is set to make its triumphant comeback for a second season. 

Through K-Pop Star Hunt (Season 2), talents across Asia will have the incredible opportunity to make K-Pop miracles of their own. Aspirants from the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan will be given the opportunity to battle it out to become the next K-Pop superstar. 

Each country will be selecting the most outstanding contestants from each territory for preliminary auditions. After the contestants’ heated battles, the survivors will be flown to Seoul to receive professional training and compete for the final showdown in Korea! 

The finalists’ ups and downs on the road to success will be captured and shown on the reality series on tvN. What’s more is that several popular K-POP stars will be featured every week. They will be mentoring the contestants, performing in the show, and even taking the judging roles. 

The winner of the contest will receive an intensive vocal training along with an album release. The winning star will also get a chance to make a debut stage appearance on 2013 MAMA, the leading international music awards show in Korea. 

Last year, K-Pop Star Hunt (Season 1) winner Thai-native Sorn bagged an exclusive contract with South Korea’s top record label Cube Entertainment, home to A-list pop groups BEAST, 4Minute and female artist G.NA. Thanks to the reality series, Sorn has soared to stardom and has moved to Seoul for her debut album training. 

To audition, all you need to do is bring out your cam and star filming. Upload your best K-POP sing-and-dance routines to K-Pop Star Hunt’s official website at Submission of entries ends on September. 

For more details, check

Isn't that exciting? So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out the links above and submit your demo videos! As for me... well, I can (?) only sing... I think the only dance step that I could follow is PSY Oppa's "Gangnam Style"... =D How I wish I could dance! (Well, I used to... I just don't know how I lost it! TT__TT)

Imagine me, dancing "Gangnam Style"... =D

Are you going to audition? What do you think of me singing? Ear shattering, eh?

What are you waiting for? Shuffle, erm, I mean, check it out now!!! ^__^

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