Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello everyone! I know, I know I am always late when it comes to posting! -__-

This was supposed to be posted right after my Thanksgiving posts here, here and here.

Unfortunately... I FORGOT TO POST IT!!! TT___TT

Anyway... this is only a random post... Just sharing how my Thanksgiving weekend went... ^__^

FRIDAY, July 20, 2012

 Me2Day! The Korean Version on Twitter.

If you love 2NE1 and other K-Pop stars, join now! I am not that active there, but feel free to add me! ^__^

 White coffee... Nothing (except my hubby, of course!) No other food or beverage cheers up my day but a cup of dreamy white coffee!!! ^__^

*LOL at the strikethroughs! Of course, hubby is my source of inspiration and joy and a lot of things can cheer my gloomy day! Hahaha! But a cup of coffee fires up and activates my hyper-mode!!! =D

SATURDAY, July 21, 2012

Our 77th Couple Monthsary!

Yes, we still count that! =D

 It was quite a rainy Saturday but the hubby and I braved the rains and floods with...

 Boots! Hehehe...

 Jagi's Style! Hehehe...

My feet are sensitive to murky waters. I remember, way back in college, I would get high fever only because of that. As far as I could recall, the condition is called Erysipelas, although I could also recall my doctor call it Cellulitis

So far, I am glad that it doesn't recur lately... =)

Got addicted to Zagu's Pearl Milk Tea... bought it for two consecutive days that caused me slight sore throat the next week! =D

Bought personal stuff
I needed Kojic soap to lighten the insect bite marks on my arms. Click on the link for my review on Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub.

SUNDAY, July 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Well, this is when I attended church... =)

Then, hubby and I headed to SM Save More to buy stuff for our lunch.. 

Another GRANDE size Zagu Pearl Milk Tea... See? I told you! =D

What hubby had been to... I've been really craving for Macaroni and Cheese... =D

Me and my nephew... He likes being hugged to sleep... =D

He really looks like my hubby! Hahaha!!!

Hubby doing his (cheese) magic! 

Praying that I like his new experiment... hahaha!!! =D

Okay, serious now...

The outcome...

It was a trial but so far, it's good! I wanna make my own version of it soon! =D

Whew! Writing this post made me hungry! Hahaha! I still have a turon (Banana Spring Roll) beside me, so, I'll devour it after this class (Yeah, I'm finishing this post while having a class). =D

Do you cook? How about your bf/hubby? Do they also cook? Do you have a fool-proof, no-bake Mac and Cheese recipe?

I'm done with my students' monthly reports so now, I am free to face my backlogs! Watch out!!! ^__^

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Aya said...

The only mac and cheese I've cooked was the instant kind. Yung may sauce pack na. Haha looking for a good recipe so I can make some too :)

angelamhiere said...

I'll try to surprise the hubby and come up with my own version of Mac and Cheese. I'll share it pag nagawa ko... ^__^

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