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Firmoo Plano Glasses Review

Hello! I'm slowly working on my backlogs. Yay! ^__^

Today, I shall be reviewing my cutesy Firmoo glasses which I won from the pretty Ms. Jannah. ^__^

I've always been curious about the feeling of wearing glasses. Silly, but I used to think that wearing glasses is associated with being nerdy... You know, reading lots of books and all the nerdy stuff makes a person's vision bad. =D

But not anymore! The use of eye glasses have already entered the fashion scene, making its way in various forms. Long ago, people would only wear them to help them and improve their vision. Now, they are worn for many purposes. 

Sick lady going to church... =D

Trying to look normal despite illness. Thanks to the glasses, they help cover up my bare face! =D

In my case, I got hyped by wearing glasses when I started working in the office. I felt that my eyes were dried and stinging most of the time and caused me headache. My vision is still okay, so, I thought of buying a cheap pair of plano glasses to protect my eyes from the computer's bright screen and radiation.

What are "plano glasses"?
Plano glasses are non-prescription glasses, meaning they don't have any correction at all. They help protect the eyes from drying up, wind, draft and other foreign substances. What's best about it is, you can wear fashionable pieces. You can choose from a wide array of frames 

What I love about it...
  • Cute! The design makes me want to make pa-cute all the time.  Makes me look so young!  =D
  • I can wear this when I don't want to wear makeup. It helps cover some of my imperfections like acne marks (on my cheeks) and my dark circles. =D
  • Since I picked one with black frames, I could wear it with almost any outfit! I could look like a "strict" teacher (Ms. Tapia? >__<), an ulzzang, casual style, formal style... name it, you got it! =D
  • It helps protect my eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, dusts and other things that could directly harm my peepers and more importantly, the bright computer screen. I work in front of the PC all the time so I need to protect my favorite part of my face. =)
  • The glasses include a case, a pouch and a set of small screw drivers on a keychain ring, just in case you need a little tweaking on your glasses. Oh! And it also has a soft cloth for cleaning the lenses! =)
  • Free shipping. They shipped it all the way from Nanjing, China. =)

What I don't love about it...
  • The hard case was deformed. Probably it was damaged during the shipping. But it was wrapped in a bubble wrap and the bag that contained it was also lined with bubble wrap.
  • It slides off. It falls down my face. I am not flat-nosed for that to happen. I tried adjusting the frames so it would fit perfectly but it is still loose and falls from my nose. =(
  • It leaves red marks on the sides of my nose.

     It costs $25 but I got it for free as a prize from Ms. Jannah's giveaway. Unfortunately, if you're interested with the same design, this frame is being phased out by the manufacturer/designer.

Where to buy?
You can purchase it at the Firmoo website. Click this link to shop! Check out their offers, too! ^__^

Whom would I recommend this to?
Eyeglasses are fun statement pieces, aside from its usual use of protecting the eyes and helps give a better vision. In this case, plano glasses are perfect for people who want to protect their eyes in a fun and casual way. ^__^


3.5 out of 5
Not bad. I like how cute and helpful it is but I wish the quality is way better. =)


  • Keep your glasses scratch-free. Put them in the case when not in use.
  • Sanitize your glasses to prevent bacteria from invading your eyes as well as your skin. It all boils down to keeping your glasses clean to really help protect your eyes from damage. =) 
  • Wash the cloth that comes with the glasses to keep it clean.

So there, that's my two cents regarding my Firmoo glasses. What do you think? ^__^

Let me end my post with my little sis-in-law's cutie patootie photos! =D

Do you like wearing eye glasses? How do you wear them?

To the people who greeted me yesterday, thank you so much!!! ^__^

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Nicole said...

Whoa. That looks like a serious scar on you nose... Not a good fit for you I guess... But it does remind me of betty la fea and and it looks cute on you ;) my sis wants glasses like that from me for her bday... :)

angelamhiere said...

Just a red mark, it goes away naman... =)

It's kinda loose but it still leaves a red mark on my face.

Hehehe... I've been wanting to have cute glasses like these, just in case I wanna feel like an ulzzang! =D

Thanks, Nicole! ^__^

Hazel Grace Bellen said...

nalalaglag din glasses ko. at hindi na daw siya ma-aadjust sabi ng technician. rimless glasses kasi yung pinili ko. lagi tuloy ako may headband para hndi malaglag. iniipit ko na lang.

angelamhiere said...

Hmmm... I'll try that sis... =)

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