Thursday, August 02, 2012

In Hubby's Shoes

Hubby loves shoes. In fact, he has more shoes than I am. Hehehe...

And recently, he was able to hypnotize me into buying him a new pair. But I love seeing how happy giddy he is after a shoe purchase... ^__^

Yeah, he's like Brian... Hehehe... (^__^)v

To tell you frankly, my man has good taste when it comes to clothes and shoes.

Rusty Lopez, Therapy Collection

I love how sexy his shoes are... Unfortunately, they are too colossal for my petite feet. =D

It's one of my hubby's kryptonites, well, aside from his Gundam collection.

Do you love shoe shopping for your man?

Let's go shoe (and clothes and makeup) shopping, Jagi? =D

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Nicole said...

I also love shopping for my pichi and his kryptonite is a whole lot of gadgets for his camera... I'm trying to save up for a new flash for him.. Love your quirky post. XD

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, dear! Hubby likes Gundam and books as well... he's not into gadgets, ako yung gadget-y sa amin 2... Usually, when he bugs me about buying some kind of gadget, I would resist... in the end, sa akin din napupunta yung gadget! Hahaha!

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