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FOTD 073112: Ulzzang-ish

Hello dear readers/followers! ^__^

It's Friday, and not just a simple Friday, but it is the first Friday of the month of August. That means there will only be two Fridays to go before my birthday! ^__^

-Ber months will come right after August ends. So, are you ready for it? Geez... Time flies so fast! But what makes me anticipate it is, our first wedding anniversary. Thinking about it makes me feel so giddy that I don't know what to do on our special day. Hmmm... Cook? Make a video? Record a song? Do a live song performance? Do cartwheels? XD

I'll challenge my mind later. For now, let me share with you my FOTD last Tuesday. I wasn't planning to wear any eyeshadow (or anything visible) but I got carried away. The original plan was only a wash of color. Then suddenly, my hand grew a mind of its own and picked up a bright and shimmery white shade from my e.l.f palette. My hand did what my mind had been mentally drawing on its own face chart. I've been wanting to wear an Ulzzang-inspired look, recalling the first ever ulzzang photo tutorial that I saw four years ago. Curious? Click this and you'll see the very first ulzzang tutorial I've seen. I gotta warn you. The before and after will seem kinda creepy to you, but hey, that's the very first ulzzang tutorial I've seen. =D

The one I have in mind makes use of shimmery white and brown eye shadow. Shimmery white eye shadow constantly reminds me of ulzzang. On the other hand, no matter how significant white eye liner is to this particular look, I avoid using it, as it breaks the look (in my case). Whenever I try using white eye liner in any look, it just don't work in any way. It could be that my Fashion 21 white liner isn't my soul mate...

And so, my hand picked the shimmery white shade and patted it on my lids like crazy. Then it took a brown shade and applied it to my crease. Since I really wanted to go for a softer look, I struggled with my hand (hahaha!) to make it look less visible, therefore, blending it more.

Lined my upper lash line with black to make my lashes look thicker.

Skipped the mascara.

Swiped a layer or two of lip balm topped with pink lipgloss. And viola! I'm done! ^__^

Get ready for picspam!!! =D




L'Oreal UV Perfect BB Max
Purederm Magic BB Cream
Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Dual Foundation Powder in Almond
e.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Natasha Beauty Eye Brow Pencil in Caramel Brown 
e.l.f Primer and Sealer 
e.l.f Eye shadow palette in Natural (used the shimmery white shade)
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth (used the warm brown shade)
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Black

Cover Girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm in Hibiscus
Maybelline Volume Seduction XL Lip Plumper in Proud Pink

You might be wondering why I used two kinds of BB Creams for this look. Well, the first layer is to somewhat moisturize my skin (I skipped the moisturizer part and used L'Oreal UV Perfect BB Max right after the L'Oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence). There's actually nothing wrong with layering. The consistency of Purederm Magic BB Cream is thicker and gives more coverage. And lastly, I wanna empty the latter's tube already! =D

There you have it! My ulzzang-ish look. I shared it on Instagram and called it "Gyaru-ish", but it was really ulzzang-inspired. Gyah! What was I thinking?

Anyhoo, here's my favorite photo from the bunch:

What do you think? Which is your favorite?

I'm happy that aside from blogging, I am able to play with makeup these days. Watch out for a tutorial. For those who follow me on Instagram, you have an idea of the look already! ^__~

More FOTDs coming up! ^__^

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Aya said...

Nice neutral eye makeup :) And happy birthday in advance!

angelamhiere said...

Thanks Aya! Thanks a lot!!! ^__^

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