Friday, August 03, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: I Wish... I Wishtrend! ^__^

Good day, everyone!!!

Its another Just Got Lucky post! Weee!!! ^__^

This time... it's from Wishtrend, A Korean company based in Seoul! ^__^

 I got the notice on the first week of July. I asked my dad-in-law to pick it up for me. He works in the Central Post Office... ^__^

 Yay!!! Little Izza is happy, too!!! ^__^

 Every one is so excited to open my box of love... Even the hubby is excited to open it!!! Hahaha!!!

What I got: Korean snacks and some skin care samples
Klair's, Skin & Lab, Orion Choco Pie and Lotte Chal Tteok (Glutinous Rice Cake Cookie)

It's my first time to taste chal tteok and I love the chewy and sweet combination of the rice cake and chocolate!

Thank you, Wishtrend! I super love my prize!!!

Wow! I got so many samples to use now! However, I am running out of Korean moisturizers. Looks like most Korean moisturizers work well with me! Woot! Must invest in good skin care! ^__^

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Sam Lanuza said...

Congratulations Angel. :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, pretty dear! ^__^

Aya said...

Congratulations :))) I'm sure you're enjoying your prizes now

Nicole said...

Congrats to you! share the rice cake cookies? :) hahaha.. so are they sweet? I have not tasted one ever.. :)

angelamhiere said...

Not yet! The samples are mine and the snacks are for hubby and to whoever I wanna give it to. Hahaha! ^__~

Thanks for dropping by! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

Yeah! They're sweet! Another Korean snack discovery! ^__^

I showed them to my students and they prefer choco pie more than the rice cake cookies. =D

I found it strange at first but still, I took a bite and another. =D

Carizza Chua said...

OMG yum! congrats!!!! :D

angelamhiere said...

Thanks Carizza! ^__^

Yeah, it's yummy, I plan to hunt every Korean store for the rice cake cookies. I want every one at home to have a taste of it. ^__^

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