Thursday, August 09, 2012

Back from the Flood!

Hello there! Thank God I am still alive!

As you know, I got so much backlogs to work on these days. Unfortunately, the weather was too bad that we got flooded, had power shortage and I lost my internet connection for two and a half days. What's worse is, I wasn't able to teach my students for two days. =(

However, I am thankful because God kept me and my family safe, warm and full (we kept eating the whole time!). We were even able to celebrate our house helper's birthday with a small feast. =D

I shall work on my backlogs soon. I promise there's a lot in store for you. Right now, I suddenly feel sick and my body aches all over. I confess that I want to rest, but I can't. I gotta work because my birthday is coming and I want to treat myself.

I'll blabber about a of things soon. Hold on, okay?

Stressed, eh? =(

I hope every one is safe and sound. Take care!!! 

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Hazel☺ said...

great to hear you're doing okay :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, dear! It was an undescribable experience for me!

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