Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Goodskin Labs Eyeliplex-2

This is the second installment of the "Just Got Lucky Series". ^__^

You all know that I am a busy person; so busy that I barely go out of the house. I can't even attend events nor see my friends.

But when Goodskin Labs announced the winners on their Facebook Page, I told my hubby that I just have to claim it! =D

When I received the Email from Goodskin Labs, I was ecstatic and sad at the same time. I was so happy because my question for Dr. Frank was chosen. It made me feel triumphant, because I won out of my creativeness. Another thing that caused my happiness was the fact that I won this fancy eye gel/balm. =D On the other hand, what made me sad is, I had to pick it up all the way to Makati, and I only have a few days to claim it! TT__TT

I told myself, going to Makati will be worth the travel, besides, I'll get the chance to "explore" new places. I am not familiar with Makati, all I know in the place is SM Makati and Greenbelt Malls. And I had to take a cab or MRT to get there. -__-

I mentioned to my hubby that I won and I had to pick up the prize at their office in Makati. Of course, being the overprotective hubby, he questioned me and my capability to manage my time. The item was scheduled to be picked-up on a weekday, and I am only available in the morning. I had to bug some friends (bloggers and non-bloggers alike - as long as I have an idea that they are familiar with streets in Makati) to teach me how to get to Makati the quickest and safest way possible, without having to take a cab. =D

So, soon as I got my game plan all ironed out, I asked hubby again (he can't pick-up the prize because he also works in the morning) if he already trusts me that I won't get lost and won't miss a class at the same time (my classes start at 1pm that day). He agreed to let me pick it up as long as I won't miss a class. =D

Not that I don't have any sense of direction, he is only worried that I might get lost or anything bad would happen to me. He's not at ease when I go out by myself. I also feel that way when I go out alone, but there are times that I simply want to be adventurous. Hehehe... =D

I am thinking of blogging about my adventures on that day. Actually, I've been writing notes in my head while walking the streets of Makati. ^__~

Have you gone out on an adventure like mine before? I bet it's much fun! =D

and the


I am sooooo excited to try this product!!! ^___^

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