Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Got Lucky!

Last March, I was lucky for a week for I got lots of prizes in a span of a week... So lucky that people at home are suspecting that I am carrying a "lucky charm" already... *joke*

I gathered them and took photos of them. I'll probably make separate posts on each prize... =D

List of stuff I won:
Saridon Giftpack and Goodskin Labs Eyeliplex-2 from Ms. Nikki
Mon Petit Boudoir Corset and Skirt from Ms. Aisa and Mon Petit Boudoir Shop
San San Nail Polish Goodies from Ms. KatV and HBC
Garnier "Gift Pack" from Garnier Twitter contest
Majolica Majorca + Korea Cosmetics Goodies from Ms. Des

I actually have a few more stuff to get/pickup... I guess I really got lucky last March... I still hope to win more giveaways in the future! Haha! ^__^

I love joining giveaways because it makes me feel a bit competitive making my entries... For example, I didn't expect that my question for Dr. Frank of Goodskin Labs was creative enough for them to pick my question. ^__^

I promise to post about each of the stuff that I won above. Just give me time, I am quite busy with the Summer Kindergarten Program of our church. I am trying my best to keep up with my blogging. Thanks to Ms. Bee, who encouraged me to keep going because I told her that it seems that I barely get comments and stuff on my blog... hehehe... I guess I need to work on posting more! ^__^

A "Get Ready with Me" video is on its way... It'll be posted on this blog later... ^__^

How about you? What giveaways have you won recently? Share! ^__^

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