Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dream High!

Just a quick post!

And before anything else, I wanna greet my Jagi a... 

Happy 74th Monthsary!!! ^__^

We've been together for 2,251 days now!!! =D

I am a little inspired to put on make-up these days... and I am glad to come up with two cute looks from the Korean Drama Dream High.

First Look:

FOTD: Jiyeon*-Inspired Makeup from Dream High 2

HOTD: Wrap-around Dutch Braid

I wore this makeup last Thursday. I did this in about 10 minutes. I got about 45 minutes to spare before 8am, so, I decided to create this look. ^__^

*By the way, I think the prominent dark outer-v is Jiyeon's signature makeup...

Wow... I look so cute and young here!!! Is that really me? =D

Second Look:

FOTD: Go Hye Mi-Inspired Makeup from Dream High 2

HOTD: Go Hye Mi's Ribbon Clip with Fishtail Braids 
(From Episode 1)

I wore this look yesterday. One of my co-teachers complimented on my fishtail braids. She even asked me how I did it! =D

No one noticed that my look is inspired by a K-Drama character. Oh well, maybe they don't watch TV that often... =)

Dream High has been airing in the Philippines since Monday. ABS-CBN got the rights for the show.

It's a great show! That's the reason why even after a couple of months has already passed when I finished watching the K-Drama (I prefer watching it in Korean, with English subtitles... ^__^), I still can't get over it. In fact, I wanna watch it again! ^__^

Have you watched Dream High? In Korean or in Tagalog? 

Do you find it addicting? =D

Who's going went to the Etude House Playhouse at SM North today? I'll be there... See you!!! ^__^

P.S: I'll be making a tutorial on these looks next week. Please do watch out for that! ^__~

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Bec said...

Hi Angel! I love your blog. I loved Suzy's hair in the 1st ep of Dream High. I did my hair like that this morning but it's my first time doing fish braid so it's a bit messy. :P
I've followed you on bloglovin' so excited so see more of your posts. ^_^
♥ Bec

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