Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cold, Sleepy Tuesday!!! Summer is over!

Yawn!!! Hahaha! I literally yawned as I was typing this line... The weather is cold, wet and really nice. I can say, I'd prefer this kind of weather when I had to stay indoors. I like summer but the intense heat last summer had cause a little trauma on me. Trauma! Too much to say! Hahaha! Anyway, the weather these couple of days are making me so drowsy... I wanna sleep all day! If only I could stay home and sleep and be in front of the computer to browse and blog... (That would be until I get a laptop of my own and quit this job. Soon, I would quit and work in a real school...)
FOTD: 060110
Asian look... I am wearing a cute mini-dress and leggings with these boot-like shoes... (Oh dear! I forgot it's name!!!) then I wore the blazer hanging on my chair... I felt like a Korean in my outfit... ^__^
I am so lazy today to make a long post... hehehe...
Hmmm... I wanna go home and sleep all day... eat all day... daydream all day... ^__^
What do you usually do on cold, rainy days?

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