Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Stuff... =D

I can't stop writing, although I mentioned in my previous post that I'll do so. XD
So, I'd write about random stuff...
One of my former students, which I really love, sent me an e-mail. It makes me so happy receiving messages from people that appreciate me. ^__^
I miss you too, Ivy! ^__^
My online shop is still pending. I can't work on it yet because I am still trying to figure out the basics for such business. I'll sell different sorts of stuff. I'll sell authentic make-up from the US (MAC, NYX, etc.), clothes, accessories and gadgets. So if someone out there is reading about this sentiment of mine, please help me out. Please, please, please!!! O___O
I left Hyun-Ae with Honey's mom today. I don't have to worry that much. I'm pretty sure she's having tons of fun playing Plants Vs. Zombies. ^__^
Talk about Hyun-Ae, I've got some programs installed in her. I got Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Acoustica MP3 Mixer. Problem is, I still can't work with them because I still don't know how to use them. =D
Can someone help me? I plan to edit pictures for Honey and I plan to design our own wedding stationary. ^__^
I hope someone could help me with Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Acoustica MP3 Mixer... =)
I'm hoping God send me an Angel who could help me with some of the things I mentioned here... =D

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