Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 53rd Monthsary Date... + What Honey Brought Me + Small Ranting Over Hair + FOTD

If you've read my post yesterday, you would be aware that Honey and I celebrated our 53rd Monthsary. =)
Last night, after work, we headed to a very, very, cheap Hamburger Stall (which we usually do with our friends) along San Miguel Ave. I made a little joke like, "Honey, is this how we'll spend our 53rd Monthsary?" and laughed it off. After eating, our friend Sam, paid the bill for us as a treat! Hahaha! She also took a picture of us together, which I was really planning to have. Seriously, thanks, Sam! ^__^
Honey! Smile! Don't eat yet! XD
Dates are fun, and girls love going out with their loved ones. However, in our situation, we can't really spend a lot of time together going out because of some reasons. Mainly: we are saving up for the wedding and our work schedule can't let us go on dates, unlike when we were in the AM shift, we can wander around the mall and go somewhere else after 2 PM...
Anyway, I don't mind not going out on dates with Honey. I know for sure that we will have time for it soon after the wedding. Dates aren't just for BFs and GFs, right? Dates are for everyone! ^__^
Today, Honey made it up to me. He brought me a couple of yummy Choco Donuts from Country Style. =)
Yummy Donuts! ^__^
Awww... Thanks, Honey! ^__^
My post yesterday also showcased my newly murdered, I mean, newly chopped hair, right? And I was a little disappointed with the results. Really. This morning, I took a bath earlier than the usual time I do so I can blow dry my hair. And guess what? My hair didn't get proportionately cut. Darn. A big FAIL! Looks like I really have to go to a real professional. ='''(
Aw! My Locks! =(
Oh well, it's my fault. I should have gone to Tony and Jackey's or Hair News. Now I wanna cry over my cut hair ! Lesson learned: Never, never, never, ever let an unprofessional touch your locks. Save up and go to a good salon!
I wouldn't let it ruin my mood today. I'll just munch on my choco donuts... =)
Gonna be munching on these... ^__^
Here's a simple FOTD for you all! ^__^
FOTD: Simple Asian/Day make-up(?!?) =D
Have a nice cold afternoon! ^__^

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