Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Parcel? Hmmm...

Hi there! I'm blogging in the office... hahaha!
I can't use Hyun-Ae (my laptop) a lot these days because my fiancé's family is still too obsessed with her. Hehehe... My fiancé too, is too fond of playing DOTA and Plants Vs. Zombies. So, I don't have much time to spend with Hyun-Ae.
Anyway, I have a lot to blog about... =)
Oh! This morning, a postman came and looked for me. Wow! It's the first time since I first got a real mail (well, its not totally a mail, it's a Registry Notice). The first one was from the Philippine Regulations Commission, which includes the result of our Licensure exams. And that was nearly two years ago! Hahaha! So, I took the notice and since then, started wondering about who sent it. I didn't win any contests or giveaway and I didn't give my address to anyone else, except for details needed for the free samples of some products. Aha! Maybe that's from one of the companies that I sent my details to. Hmmm... My (soon to be) parents-in-law both work in the Central Post Office, and while I was thinking about what and where the package was from, my (future) dad-in-law had a little chit-chat with the postman. Hehehe... When he returned, he was nice enough to tell me that he'll claim the package for me. He'll get it for me on Monday, because there's a special event in our church tomorrow and they wouldn't go to work tomorrow. (My fiancé's family are ALL Church Choir members; All of his relatives in his father's side are good singers. ^__~ ...they also want me to join them. *^-^* SHY! Hahaha!)
A parcel?!?
Hmmm... Who sent it? What is it?
I wonder who sent it...
I feel excited and nervous. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone. Well, this is the second time that I will be getting a package. Hahaha! The first time was when my students from Jeju Island, Korea sent me some presents last Christmas. =)
I really wonder where it was from and what's inside it...
Better stay tuned, I will surely blog about what that stuff is. ^__~


Anonymous said...

Duling ka sa huling picture *stating the obvious*

angelamhiere said...

Yeah, I know... hahaha!

Kaleido Mind said...

aww you look so young and cute!

dblchin (double chin) said...

can't wait to c what u've got ! lol

angelamhiere said...

@Kaleido Mind: ohhh... thanks! i'm so speechless!!! =D

@dblchin: yeah! i'm so excited too!!! ^__^
(soon to be) dad-in-law forgot the authorization letter but he sent the postman to get it from me at home... ^__^

Might get the packages tonight!!! ^__^

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