Friday, July 09, 2010

Counting Sheep Because I Can’t Sleep…

Hello World! (Hehehe… I sound like a contestant in a beauty pageant…)

It’s almost 1:00 AM and I still haven’t gone to bed yet. I don’t know why, but I have been awake for almost 20 hours already! I better get some time to sleep because if not, I might (and probably!) wake up late tomorrow and won’t be able to do the things that I’m supposed to do… So, while I lure myself to Slumberland, I’ll blog for the meantime… =D

Alright, where do I start? Hmmm… Oh! If you guys are curious why I’ve been so stressed lately at work, well, the reason is, the owner of the company decided to shut down the “main” office, which is located in Ortigas. He decided to continue the operations in Cebu for some reasons. I wouldn’t want to elaborate much on that for now, since I want to send myself to sleep. If I do talk about that matter, well, it’s just going to keep me up. So, better leave that thing next time. A part of their decision was to leave a few teachers to maintain the branch here in Manila. Last Tuesday, they gathered the “chosen ones” and I was included.

That, I can consider a blessing since my Honey and I have to really save up for the most-awaited wedding. (Why most-awaited? I’ll explain soon.) In fact, his mom, who has undergone cancer treatment, is anticipating that we can still save up that fast until April next year. It’s a real pressure on us. We still haven’t opened up the issue yet because for sure, his mom would get frustrated again, like before, when she realized that we could have saved a lot for the wedding already, had it not been because of her sudden illness. Since Honey wasn’t there at that moment, I comforted her and assured her that it’s fine with us, that no one wanted it to happen to her. Honey and I wouldn’t want her to worry again, so, we decided to keep the office issue to ourselves until we find the right moment. I hope it would work.

Oh my… How I wish we could really save up fast. That’s why I’m thinking of starting an online shop and other sorts of stuff like getting a part-time job so that we can earn fast. Any suggestions?

Sorry ladies, I don’t know why I am writing about these sorts of stuff, where-in I should be sharing nice stuff with you, ayt? Well, I guess, it’s really my little piece of heaven…

Now, now, now… let’s change the mood. I wouldn’t want to bore my precious followers. I am thinking of posting up some tutorials and a few more things. Do you like any of my FOTDs? Do you want me to make tutorials of them? ^__^

If you got some suggestions, just drop by my blog and/or leave a comment. Feel free to use the C-Box on the right. Don’t hesitate to follow me on twitter, too. (Might as well just drop by my blog… I have a confession regarding twitter… =D … A couple of months ago, I got a “love letter” because of twitter… Hehehe… So much for being in the know! Hahaha! I hope that would be the first and last memo that I would ever get… Hahaha!!!)

About the wedding blog that I am planning, well, just stay tuned because I’ll be discussing some stuff with Honey Bear before I set up a blog… Please support me! ^__^

I only have 31 followers but I am happy to have all of you with me. I may or may not host a giveaway, but I hope that you stick with me till the end…

Wanna be a bit cheesy… I want to thank Honey Bear for agreeing and supporting my decision to get a laptop… I told you, he spoils me in such a way! Honey bear, thanks a lot!!! We are always together but I miss you so much because we are so tired to discuss some matters. I hope we get some time to sped for ourselves…

So much for this post, I better rest now. It’s 1:33 AM already. I gotta wake up early and prepare materials for my students later. Good morning every one! Sweet dreams! ^__^

This is angelamhiere, signing off. ^__^


Pop Champagne said...

sorry to hear about your work situation, hope things will work out the best for you!

angelamhiere said...

@ Pop Champagne: Thanks! I'll keep every one updated to whatever happens... =)

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