Sunday, July 04, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!!!

This post took quite a time to be posted... Sorry for the delay... still busy these days plus I have to be especially careful in using Hyun-Ae, my new baby. Read on to know her... ^__^
Enjoy reading!!!


It's 1:49 AM. Philippine time.
"Baby, baby, baby, Oh!!!"
Friends, I am not raved over Justin Bieber... I got a new baby and it was the first song that came across my mind... ^__^
OMG... I still can't believe it. I have actually purchased my very first REAL (as in, a big and "pricey" sort-of-kind one) gadget. Everyone, meet my new baby, NEO Edge Z3310. I am still trying to figure out what name to give her, but I am considering "Hyun Ae" or "Ariel", as my Honey suggested. She will help me with a lot of stuff, especially with the business that we're cooking up. She will also help me blog and keep me blogging more. She'll help me get more updates and keep me connected with the people that I love and admire. She’ll keep me informed. She'll be my virtual assistant. ^__~ (Looks like the name Hyun Ae fits her more. It's means "wise, smart, clever" and "loving.". =D)
Saturday, July 03, 2010
Saturday morning, Honey knocked on my door and woke me up. He said we will be accompanying his sister to get the money her boyfriend sent her. Then, he said that his mom told him to buy the laptop the same day. And so, I got up a excitedly and changed clothes and did a few morning routines. We were in a hurry because we have to meet the person all the way in Cainta. His sister and I had to put on make-up in the taxi because we really were rushing. Their brother went with us. So, there were four of us in the cab.
It took us an hour to get to the house of her boyfriend's co-worker in Cainta. We stayed there for only a few minutes (like, 10-15 minutes). We then rode a bus going to Robinson's Galleria then took another cab going to Glorietta. She had the money converted to Philippine pesos. We didn't stay for long and rode another cab going to Gilmore, where we decided to buy the laptop. Big Mark was supposed to go with us and help us purchase a really good laptop. Unfortunately, he read our messages late since he also got up late from bed. We saw various kinds, with various specs, and we had to look around before seeing the Neo laptops. Actually, Honey was planning to get one of the Neo Basic series, but opted to get the Neo Edge series.
Long story cut short, we bought the Neo Edge Z3310 unit and went home tired but happy (especially me). ^__^
Earlier, Honey's "bro-in-law to-be" talked to all of us while we were on our way to Glorietta and he talked to us. Then, he told her girlfriend to take us to the movies. And so, Honey, the sister-in-law (to-be), the brother-in-law (to-be) and the new maid went with us to watch the last full show of Eclipse in SM San Lazaro. It was great! ^__^
I am so happy today. I got my laptop (not with my own money at the moment, but will soon return the money borrowed from the future sis-in-law on Monday... plus Honey's share... heheheh).
One of the best days in my life... =)

Now, let the pictures speak for themselves... (but I'll still put captions... hahaha!!!)

On the way to Cainta... Tried to look pretty although having a stomachache but trying to pose nicely! Hahaha! FOTD: make-up on the go...
Huhuhu... Stomachache! I wanna go home!!! =(
Checking out the laptop...
More SPEC-ulations... =D
Pics with the future in-laws... Aren't they just good-looking? =)
Final in-SPEC-tion...
Pic with my Honey's lil' bro... we are both having stomachaches at the same time... hahaha!
Pali-ya! I wanna go home!!! =S
Releasing the papers for the laptop...
Handing over the laptop...
Taking the laptop home...
A quick shot with Honey while waiting for the food and tickets... plus FOTN: simple make-up...
Future bro-in-law goofing around... Read what the words say... (Now showing next coming soon) Hehehehe...
Another one... Read it again... Hahaha! (Now showing next picture coming)
Here we come!!! =D
Meet HYUN-AE! (Taken after watching Eclipse...) ^__^
Giddy! ^__^
How did you spend your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it just as I did... ^__^
Thanks for reading! =)
Lots of Love,
-= Angel =-

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