Monday, July 26, 2010

Mastering the Art of Simplicity

Happy Monday! ^__^
I am so happy and in-love today. =)
Well, although Honey and I are together 24 Hours a day, and work on the same company and live in the same neighborhood (compound, should I say? =D), we can't have a lot of quality time together because of many things that we have to mind around us.
I totally missed him a lot. As in.
Maybe it was also the reason why I was acting up a bit too much lately... =D
Anyway, he was so sweet this morning, with a bit of his annoying self... Hahaha! So, what made my morning? Well, just a warm hug from him. Yes, A hug and it melted all the ice queen growing in me. I just went a bit teary-eyed and told him that I missed him... =D
Sorry, I think I shouldn't be blogging these things here. Hehehe... Especially if Norby is around. Hahaha!
Anyway, as my title suggests, I think it's just appropriate to include it here. I mean, part of it shows simplicity. How? Well, simple things in life that are priceless. His embrace is enough to make me smile throughout the day. =)
Now, let's hop on to make-up. (Yeah, it's a big leap from life issues to make-up... Hahaha!) I think I am now mastering the art of simple make-up. I have been sporting simple day make-up since i-don't-remember and I am loving how it turns out naturally each day. I love the Asian-Korean-Japanese no make-up look these days because it accentuates my features. I love drawing a wing to emphasize on my favorite part of my face: my eyes. ^__^
If you have been paying attention to my posts, I always place emphasis on my eyes. I started doing this when people start noticing my eyes. Okay, I am not boasting about them but a lot of people told me that I got a beautiful (???) set of eyes. Me not sure. If that's the case, okay. I would keep emphasizing them. ^__^
I also realized that I am getting better at the eye-lining and line-flicking department. =)
Ahhh... simple things... makes me smile... =)
Here are some pics. Be the judge. ^__~
FOTD 072610: Simple Asian-Korean-Japanese Make-up
Say Kimchi!!! =D
A close-up... =)
I wanna share my outfit for the day but I can't take a decent shot... =''"( I'll try to ask Honey to take a picture of me later and I'll post it soon. I think I haven't shared a real post on my outfits. =D ...Honestly, I don't have a lot of clothes. I don't really have a lot to wear and another realization. I have to add some items in my wardrobe. =D
I'll share more stuff with you soon. I can't write further because I'm getting colds and it's (literally and figuratively) cold here in the office, giving me serious back pains. Many have left already.
So, which make-up style do you like? ^__^

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