Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woah! How Have You Been?

Hello everyone! How are you? It's been six days since I last blogged...

I am a bit busy with the upcoming Summer Kindergarten Program's (SKP) Graduation, which will be tomorrow, the 25th. =)

Don't worry, I'll catch up with you soon... I will film my "Teacher Angel's Graduation" look for tomorrow... =D

And oh! I guess I better make a review on the Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub... =)

In the meantime, please hang on and check out my old posts, especially my Jiyeon-Inspired Makeup tutorial.

Oh! Let me share a few updates! ^__^

This is my current favorite picture... I don't know but I just feel pretty here! =D

 This is my FOTD today... You can easily tell that I lack sleep these days! >__<

Oh no! What happened to my Natasha lipstick? Gyah... TT__TT

See you soon for more updates! ^__^

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Irving Alexander Salcedo said...

aww your lipstick melted :((


Em said...

Love natasha lipstick too.!
please join my giveaway if you haven't yet. It will end 22 hours from now so better hurry :)

Michelle Jiafang said...

Chanced upon ur blog and enjoy reading it!

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