Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Year Old FOTD

This was supposed to be officially the 100th post... 

This was taken almost a year ago (It'll turn one on the 16th! Hahaha!). ^__^

This used to be my facebook Profile pic... OMG! There goes my pink Ms. Minchin top again! >__<
It just shows how few my clothes are! =D

This was taken by my flower girl (She is only 5 years old that time!). Surprisingly, the pic turned out really well!!! Everyone likes it! I even got lots of good comments about it! ^__^

I just thought... Why is it that when I look back to my old pictures, I think that I am prettier before? o__O

I think I am getting uglier each day!

So... my new LSS would be...

UGLY by 2NE1

Here it goes!

♫♪ I think I’m ugly...
And nobody wants to love me...
Just like her I wanna be pretty...
I wanna be pretty...
Don’t lie to my face cause I know
I’m ugly ... ♫♪

What's your LSS? =D
When's the last time you've felt pretty?

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sugar sugar said...

congrats sis! hugs! :3

uhhh... i dunno when was the last time i felt pretty. LOL! i can't seem to remember. -_-

angelamhiere said...


Let's be pretty, Eonni! ^__^

Happy Monday! ^__^

ChinaDoll said...

Naku sis, even if I'm not pretty eh I FEEL pretty parin! nasa confidence level lang yan ahihihi....for now LSS ko is Fantastic Baby by Big Bang gwafo ni GD and ofcourse TOP ahihihi

angelamhiere said...

Hahaha! Kaya nga, I try to tell myself, "There are no ugly women... just lazy ones"... para mainspire ako! Hahaha!!! =D

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