Saturday, January 07, 2012

Blogging At Church

It's 6am. A Saturday. I am at church.


You must be thinking, "What?!? What kind of Christian is blogging her way through a church service?!?" and you must be freaking out...


I'm just waiting for my hubby to finish practicing. He plays the organ for the English service. I've started practicing for choir last December. This morning, while on our way to church, my hubby teased me. He said, he doesn't have to drag me to practice any longer because I voluntarily go with them now. Hahaha! My response? Well, I just told him that, "I'm getting the hang of it!" Hehehe... If you're wondering why our conversation was like that, its because I used to refuse to join the choir, because I am some sort of intimidated by them; they really have amazing voices. As compared to mine, which sounds like a ripping metal sheet, my hubby's voice is more pleasant to listen to. Hehe...

I want to take some selcas, but I don't want to be embarrased by my hubby's camera phone. It might create a sound, just like what happened earlier, before the practice started... =D

My tummy's complaining now...

And I am starting to get sleepy...

Hopefully, I could work on my backlogs this weekend. I need to take pictures and my webcam is failing me. I would have to use hubby's E71 phone and keeping my fingers crossed that the pictures would turn out well. Darn! I miss my Sony Ericsson P990i camera phone. The pictures that I used to take with it were better. Maybe I could also borrow my sis-in-law's digicam. MUST GET A CAMERA THIS YEAR!!! Gyah! I really want to be consistent in blogging this year. ^__^

Okay! They're done! Time to go home! See you around!

Weeeeee! Sleep, here we go!

(Been awake since 4:15am. At Church at 4:30 - too early for practice! Excited? Hahaha! Actually, we were 30 minutes early for the practice...)

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