Thursday, January 26, 2012

Asian Vogue Shop: A Fashionista's Heaven

I came across Asian Vogue Shop through some blogger friends and I found out that they have great finds, from shoes, to bags to clothes!

A shopper's heaven!

They have a wide selection of fab fashion finds that's why they have celeb clients - great proof that they offer good quality and really stylish products. ^__^

I super love their shoes, especially the high heeled ones!

Stylish pair to use to school... when I start teaching! ^__^

Another cute pair... I'd like to be a fashionista teacha! ^__~

Cute! Reminds me of pretty Marj Sia! ^__^

Me super like the frilly stuff... So kawaii! ^__^

One day, I'll splurge and buy lots and lots of clothes, shoes and bags for me and my loved ones!!! ^__^

Anyway, one of my resolutions this year is to change my wardrobe! ^__^

I'll convince the hubby to get me even just one pair from the pics above... If I get lucky, I might convince him to get me more! Haha! ^__^

Go and visit Asian Vogue now! ^__^

Enjoy shopping!!!



ChinaDoll said...

I love the black velvety pumps! Femme fatal ang dating hihihi


angelamhiere said...

super cute, noh? iniimagine ko tuloy sarili ko wearing those while teaching in a classroom... waaaah! kayanin ko kaya? hihihi... =D

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