Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Do You REALLY Love About Your Body?

Popular bloggers Ms. Nikki, Ms. Sophie, and Ms. Wendy among others have posted a video and their own thoughts about what they loved about their friends' and their own bodies. I admire these girls, as they are truly beautiful. However, I was quite surprised to read about their own responses to the question.

Honestly speaking, Ms. Sophie's post here was the one I was very touched with. She wrote about her sister, who had a skin condition when they were young. I really teared up while I was reading it. Why? Well, simply because I had a similar condition.

This video was a campaign by Dove. Watch and get ready to reflect on one question that will follow...

So... What do you love about your body?

The video really made me reflect on what I love about myself. I always envy girls gifted with clear, white skin, nice set of twins and pretty face - and the feeling still occur at times. I am insecure. I feel jealous of other people's beauty and I barely see it in myself.

Just like Ms. Sophie's sister, when I was a kid, I had a skin condition that caused me to have wounds all the time. Since I had that condition at an early age, I rarely get the chance to wear shorts and skirts when I was young. I have always felt ashamed of showing off my legs because if my cousins make fun of me, what more if other people get to see my nasty scars? So, I always wear pants ALL THE TIME.

In short, I was so insecure because unlike my sisters and cousins, I can not be as normal as them. I cannot be as fashionable as them. I used to feel really scared to wear P.E shorts even when I reached High School and College. Let's say that I had some self-esteem problems, too. Up to this moment, insecurity still hits me.

Me in 3rd Year High School

I also feel for people who gets bullied because of their physical abnormalities - in fact, we shouldn't call them abnormalities. I just can't think of a proper term in describing it. =S

So I always tend to appreciate beauty in others - just because I can't see it in myself. Okay. I sometimes overdo it... hehehe...

I have only learned to appreciate my own beauty lately, when I got some compliments from other people... and when I won Ms. Photogenic and 2nd Runner Up in a school pageant. *teehee - kahiya (embarassing), huh? hihihi...* =D

The first time I appreciated my OWN beauty...

Simple gestures of praise boosts my confidence and gives me the courage to flaunt what I have.

Until now.

So, whenever I get good comments from other people, I remember and try my best to enhance or improve that part of me.

I have relearned a lot from this video. No one is perfect. We all have our own flaws. Love thyself, but not to the point that all you see is yourself. Learn to accept thy flaws. Embrace what you have and learn to cultivate it.

I may not have the perfect physique, but I am thankful for the knowledge, the talent and the heart that God has given me. =)

Ahhh... it feels good to say the things above. ^__^

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't let other people let you down.

Smile and be proud! God has a purpose for everything!

Thanks to Ms. Sophie for sharing her sister's story. It was very inspiring. =)

To my hubby, thank you for accepting me for the way that I am; despite my flaws and insecurities, you always make me feel beautiful and sexy in your own way. I love you so much! ^__^

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