Wednesday, January 25, 2012

IU-Inspired Hairstyle (Inkigayo Performance 010112)

I'm back! Annyonghaseyo!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!

(Sae hae bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo!!! - Translation: Happy New Year! Literally: May you be blessed in the New Year)

This was posted in my Youtube account last week. I was busy previously and during my four-day holiday (Korean Lunar New Year), I decided to spend time with my hubby and away from the laptop. =D

I like IU a lot. She's so adorable and maybe that's the reason why she's called one of the "Nation's Little Sister(s)" in Korea.

Just look at these reference photos and see how cute she is!

Awww... Such a doll! ^__^

Looks so innocent...

She's wearing a modern hanbok... =)

These screen caps were from her performance in Inkigayo, last January 1st, 2012.

Her "You and I" live performance

Want to copy the hairstyle? Here's my quick and easy tutorial on how to get this look.

I hope you love it! If ever you tried it, snap a photo and tweet me a link! ^__^

Twitter: @Angelamhiere

Have a great day ahead!

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ChinaDoll said...

I would love to try this hairstyle but I have a you think it would work? hmmm :/

angelamhiere said...

@CoLine: Yes! It'll work! But you have to be patient in braiding it if your fringe is short. ^__^

Or, you can leave out your bangs and braid it just above it. It'll be just as cute as this style. ^__^

Sis, if ever you try this, tweetpic me, ah! ^__^

vAnILi Te said...

yeah me too but i have a bangs ...

vAnILi Te said...

yeah ... me tooo i have ah bangs ..!!!!

angelamhiere said...

I hope you try it yourself! ^__^

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