Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tomato Zombie Chronicles Day 1: Battle Against Acne Starts NOW!!! =D

I am heading out on a challenge to see if the all natural tomato mask will work on my currently acne-prone skin. My hormones are misbehaving recently probably because of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This condition causes me to skip my "magic days" every other month, which leads to acne (and false alarm on having a baby) TT__TT. I guess pimples and nasty stuff erupt on my face because the impurities in my body is not flushed out monthly through my period monthly. =(

So, I am opting to go back to using my old low dose birth control pills (which I'll be asking the OB-Gyne when I pay a visit) to control my monthly period and as well as be able to get over the acne breakouts.

So sad, my skin didn't use to be like this when my monthly visitor used to visit on a regular basis. Well, I did use to have pimples prior to my period or after it, but not cystic ones.

I'll see if this tomato mask will help me improve my skin even a bit. ^__^

Tomatoes are known to be rich in lycopene, a vital anti-oxidant that prevents our cells from aging and being damaged by free-radicals. It also helps combat cancerous cell formation. Aside from lycopene, tomatoes are rich in vitamins. So better eat (or drink) up that tomato! ^__~

How to make your own tomato mask:
1. Get a medium sized ripe tomato. Cut it in half.

What to do with the other half? Eat it! Eating tomatoes are as good as applying it on your skin. ^__^

2. Mash the other half. I used a grater but I got only a little of the tomato flesh. Nevertheless, it's okay. Be sure to squeeze the juice, too!

3. Using the tomato skin/peel, slather the juice and flesh on face and let it sit there until it dries up.


  • You may apply the juice/pulp directly on your face or you can use paper facial mask that you can purchase in Daiso or Saizen. ^__^
  • Be careful in applying the juice. You may put a towel so the juice won't drip and stain on your clothes. =)

You'll know that it's being absorbed by the skin soon as the skin tightens. It's also normal to sting a bit because tomatoes have acids. However, if it stings a lot, wash it off immediately. The skin will be a bit red (because of the juice) while it is on your skin. Soon as you wash it off, it goes away.

4. Wash off mask with warm water. Pat dry with a clean and soft towel.

5. Don't forget to moisturize! ^__^

Here's how I looked like with the tomato mask on... =D
Click on image to enlarge. Some seeds were on my face... hehehe... =D

 Pardon the puffy eyes, I woke up at 3:20 in the morning to assist my hubby before he goes to work. =D

After washing my face...
  • Pores have shrunk a bit.
  • Pimples dried up.
  • Skin felt softer and smoother.

If this continues, I will definitely include this in my routine. ^__^

Hubby, better start a tomato garden for me! =D

Here's something for you, just for the sake of laughs! Hehehe... =D

Have you tried this all-natural mask before? How was it?

If you tried my recipe, please tell me down in the comments below! ^__^

Have a great day, every one! Now, time for me to make my reports! =D

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