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Tis' The Time of The Year... Tips for Graduating Beauties!

Wondering why the title is like that? Well, it's the Graduation season in the Philippines! Four years ago, I have marched my way to the stage, and tearfully accepted my diploma. It was such a happy feeling! That moment made me feel so fulfilled, considering the hardships that I have experienced. 

Okay. enough of that. Although I want to recall how it felt that time, I'll refrain myself. I don't want you to feel all upset about the hardships I've gone through. Hehe...

This is my Graduation look. What follows are a few facts and some tips on how I achieved it. ^__~

My Graduation FOTD and HOTD

Let me recall how I did the makeup look above...


1. Makeup base - I want to make my makeup stay longer. It also helped make the application of mousse foundation smoother. =)
2. Foundation - This helped even out my skin tone and conceal some minor blemishes. Actually, I really didn't have much blemishes that time. =)
3. Concealer - Concealed my undereyes. I suffered a lot of sleepless nights due to demos and a lot of stuff prior to the event. I also slept a little the night before the graduation. Teehee! =D
4. Pressed powder - This "sealed" the foundation and gave a nice matte finish.
5. Eyeshadow - I went for browns, my go-to shadow color. 
6. Eyeliner - I lined the top and bottom lash line with black liner pencil, smudged it a bit to make it look soft. 
7. Mascara - Mascara will never be out of my list way back in College. My friends would always compliment my eyes as well as my long, fluttery lashes way back then. I curled my lashes well and coated it with about 2 swipes of mascara. =)
8. Blush - I guess I applied too much of it. Teehee! Anyway, I think it's just fine since my eyes and lips were muted. Nevertheless, be sure to blend your blusher well. You won't want to look punched on your graduation day. =D
9. Lipstick and Lipgloss - I went for pink lipstick and lipgloss. I used my Avon Simply Pretty lipstick in Buttercup. =)

(Courtesy of my sister-in-law)
1. Curled hair using a curling rod.
2. Gathered hair from the crown and made a tiny bouffant.
3. Pinned hair securely at the back of the bouffant.
4. Accessorized with cute hair pins.
5. Set with hairspray.


  • I barely slept in preparation for my graduation day. I think I slept for only an hour and a half. = D
    I know! I know! I should have had my beauty rest but I can't help it! I don't want to look so plain and drab on one of the best days of my life!!!
  • My sister-in-law helped me with my hair.
  • We had our celebration done at my hubby's (my then boyfriend) house. His family prepared every thing! 
  • My "guest of honor" is none other than the emcee of our graduation ceremony, our College Dean...! (Bongga!) Every one at home was surprised that I was able to take the dean with me. Hehehe... (Random fact: that dean was so close to our hearts that she was part of our wedding entourage - a dream she had ever since she learned that hubby and I started dating. Hehehe...)

  • Allow yourself to have time to rest. Get eight hours (or more) of sleep if you can! ^__^
  • It's good to have someone to help you around. It helps save some time. =)
  • Be sure to think of what you want to look like on your graduation day. I, in particular, have expected that most of my batchmates would wear heavy make-up (Read: with pops of color). I have nothing against it, but, it depends on how a person should wear it and of course, the occasion. I want to look polished that day, so, I opted to go with neutrals: I went on with my classic go to look: browns.
  • Wear sheer to full coverage makeup, depending on your needs. Be sure that it'll last all through out the ceremony. As far as I can remember, I think I used San San Makeup Base then topped it with Avon's Mousse Foundation. I set it with Avon's Simply Pretty Pressed powder. 
  • For a safe and classic look, go for neutrals: Browns, grays, black, silver, skintone colors. As much as possible, avoid wearing too much color on occasions like this. =)
  • Be sure to carry a pack of oil-blotting sheets and tissue with you. Also, bring few things in your makeup kit in case your makeup budged because of crying! =D

There you go! I hope these tips help! ^__^

I am thinking of recreating my graduation look... 

Hmmm... what do you think? 

Maybe I have to make one. =D

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