Thursday, March 15, 2012

♥♥♥ My Pinkbox Uniform Entry ♥♥♥

Hello every one!

I'm still alive! Hahaha! Sorry, I've been away again. I've been feeling strange lately. I know what you're thinking... hehehe... Don't worry, I'll update you on that. ^__~

One of the other reasons why I was also away was, I was busy doing something.

What was it? I decided to go back to drawing, one of my passions.

Pinkbox, an accessory company in the Philippines has launched a contest where in participants were asked to design the perfect uniform for their staff.

Seeing this opportunity, this has sparked my long lost love for drawing. I first drew ideas on my mind. Then, I bought a sketch pad and started drawing my ideas.

I drew eight designs, of which two of them were well drawn and the rest were rough sketches of my artwork. I asked my hubby and my sister-in-law which is the most appropriate design and they picked this:

I couldn't have it scanned because I was really busy at work so, I just took photos of it and put some color and design in Photoshop. I am a noob in Photoshop and was actually trying to see how to use the stuff there, hence, the blotchy and messy color... =D

Here's the result:

How'd you like it? For all of my designs, I really want to go for that doll-like look. ^__^

I hope you can help me out by:

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3. Leave a nice comment (e.g: “Wow! So cute!!! ^__^”)

And that’s it! So easy peasy, right? ^__~

Thanks a lot in advance!!! ^__^

♥♥♥ Wish me luck! ♥♥♥

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