Monday, June 07, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥♥ My Desktop ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I just wanna share my desktop display...
Look at this stuff... Isn't it neat...?
Ariel is one of my favorites among the Disney Princesses... =)
I never thought I could post an entry today... I am very busy...
I got a lot to blog about, but I am too overloaded with ideas that I can't write about them because of my job... Besides, I had to transfer to my old station because of some changes with the teams. Anyway, I might start a Wedding blog regarding our wedding preparations... So, you better watch out for it... ^__^
If you have any suggestions, just message me through my C-Box, twitter, or comment below. ^__^
Special thanks to CoLine, who always encourage me to keep writing. ^__^
Don't worry, I'll blog soon.
I love you all!!! ^__^


OMG!!! I didn't notice that it's already my 50th blog entry!!! ^__^

I'll try to keep writing...! =)

Hmmm... any ideas or requests for my future posts? ^__^



Anonymous said...

love love love Ariel!!!

angelamhiere said...

want me to send it to you? ^__~

it's so pretty... so nice, db? ^__^

CoLine said... sweet of you Angel!
Btw, your desktop is really pretty, I love Ariel too and I find her the prettiest among the other disney princess well except for snow white of course! hahaha
Hugs to you!♥
~CoLine (aka Snow White) LOL☺

angelamhiere said...

Wow! You're my soulmate, CoLine!!! I soooo love Disney Princesses, too! ^__^

My favorite is Belle and Ariel... Actually, I'm brewing up a Disney Princess-Beauty and the Beast-inspired wedding! gosh... there I go now.... I spilled the beans! XD

Watch out for my wedding blog... I will make one soon!!! ^__^

Thanks a lot, CoLine!!!! ^__^

Anonymous said...

she is my favourite Disney princess of all time for sure! thanks for sharing <3

CoLine said...

That would be an excellent wedding theme! I am excited for your wedding blog!

DiWiMakeup said...

I can't wait to see the wedding blog!

xo, Diana

pinkstrawberrielove said...

btw thanks for following, will do the same =]

pinkstrawberrielove said...

awww thank you for stopping by and thanks for the comment =] your pretty yourself! and I love mermaid their so pretty!

Golden said...

It looks so pretty. I used to love mermaid stories. They just fascinated me.

Lots of love,

angelamhiere said...

@ DiWiMakeup: Thanks for dropping by! I'll update you all about my wedding blog! Thanks for the support! ^__^

@ pinkstrawberrielove: Thanks for dropping by and commenting as well as following! ^__^

@ Golden: Yes, they are so pretty! ^__^

Stay tuned! I'll be able to post updates starting next week... ^__^

Kim Neill said...

OoOoOh where did you find this picture? gorgeous love. Much love babes, Kimberley xxx

angelamhiere said...

@ Kim Neill: I don't exactly remember, but i think i still have a copy of it. Like it? I can send it to you... ^__^

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