Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Songs I Listen to Now...

I have this love for K-Pop and Korean styles... maybe I got it from teaching Koreans. =D I just find them so cute!!! Anyway, here's what I listen to: Wonder Girls' Two Different Tears and Caribbean Bay's CF theme by SNSD and 2PM! ^__^
Wonder Girls are so cute in this video. Plus the fact that Bobby Lee is included in the video made the video funny to watch. =D
SNSD and 2PM are featured in Caribbean Bay's CF (Commercial). Caribbean Bay is part of Everland, one of the famous and biggest resort-theme parks in South Korea. The girls and of course, the guys are so sexy, they make me feel so envious! =D
Although there's an English version, I will (and have to) practice singing Two Different Tears in Korean. I will sing it for my students as a challenge (and a prize as well!) ^__~
Wish me luck!!!
Sugar Apple (Wonderful Generation)
Wondergirls (Official Youtube Channel)

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