Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Yo, Bo!

Friends, wanna know about my line of work in a fun(-ny) way? If you're interested in reading comic strips and stuff like that, then this is the thing for you. Check out "Yo, Bo!", a comic book about Bo, an English Communications Specialist, like me. Read about his adventures and of course, misadventures... hehehe... You can check out the site here. Creators are my friends and co-workers, Sam (a fellow blogger - actually, she's my GL... ehehehe...), Big Mark and Norby. Hope you enjoy reading about Teacher Bo (because I did)... He represents us! Hahaha!
Meet Teacher Bo
BTW, I think they'll be putting a part there where my Honey will appear. I'm so excited! Wish they include me... hahaha!!! Here's the link about Honey. ^__^
Tell me what you think about the comic book. ^__^

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